Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You know what I don't do

I don't go to pro-Obama blogs to start shit. (Actually, I am koolaid immune but I don't feel the need to watch people drink the koolaid to prove it)I will happily tear an Obamabot down at my place or on other blogs that I know are 100 percent pro Hillary, but I have manners.

I also generally don't go trolling right wing sites, MRAs (except that one time as a special request to a dear friend who I would take a bullet for), fundies or anyone else I consider to be an unstable nutbag.

See- I am not a masochist. And fighting unstable nutbags gives me a headache. And headaches mean pain.

So please unstable nutbags (YES THIS MEANS YOU PEOPLE WITH THE KOOLAID AND UNITY PONIES) go home. Have some manners. Do not comment where you're not wanted. Or I will make fun of your penis. Cause so far- not a damn one of you nutbags has been a girl.

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