Saturday, October 29, 2011

Totally Appropriate Conversations With Children

So I am hanging up this way rad poster the T.O.E. sent me in the bathroom, while Kid is washing out a trash can that got rank in the bathtub. The poster is a French Feminist poster of a line drawing on the monds pubis and in French it reads (I think) "The Place of Pleasure".

Me: Is it going to totally mortify you if I hang up this poster in the bathroom?

Kid: No

Me: It's a drawing of naughty bits- that's not going to embarrass you?

Kid: (makes familiar teenage groan of annoyance) You raised me. Do you really think that I would be mortified by that?

Me: True. I raised you. But you are at that age where the mere existence of parents is embarrassing and you live in the house too. You get to have a say in what goes in it.

Kid: That's a good philosophy. I like that everyone who lives in a place gets a say in it.

Me: You know, there are people who think kids should not be allowed to have opinions at all. That whole "Children should be seen and not heard" shit.

And that is how it rolls in Casa de Elizabitchez. Also T.O.E should explain the significance of the poster because it's rad.

LinkFarming! Now with more something!

Yeah, I am out of pithy titles. Wevs. Enjoy the fruits of my reading.

It's different for brown kids.

It's still different for brown kids

It's different for WOC too

Well it's different for anyone of color, really

But ain't it always a woman's fault?

But at least we can all agree, Goldman Sachs is the unwashed taint of the financial sector.

And everyone's favorite new blog crush explains how Establishment Fauxgressives are trying to frame the Occupy movement as capitalism's savior.

What else should I be reading?

Saturday Random Music

Once upon a time people hit shuffle on their MP3 players on Fridays and posted the first 10 songs to pop up.

I lost all, well most, of my digital music in the last few years. So instead I am starting a new tradition. Post the last 3 songs to play on Pandora or whatever music thing you got. On Saturday. Cause we're rebels like that.

Blame it on T.O.E. or We Need An Eye Candy Post

You know that feeling...

when you need to sneeze, but you can't. Or you're this close to orgasm but you just can't.

I've got a big swirly post making its way through my head and it's not ready yet. And I can't seem to write anything else while this takes over my brain cells.

So in the meantime, enjoy the fabulous writing of T.O.E. and/or head over to the Elizabitchez tumblr where I reblog funny pictures and critique the bad or outdated geography of the 90's Animaniacs' Nations of the World song.

We see movies

Michel Petrucciani:
  • He: "Great jazz!"
  • She: "Fucking sociopath."
Ides of March:
  • He:  "I learned you can lose an election and make a million dollars year consulting on K street."
  • She: " I learned you can rape a woman and drive her to suicide and you can just get another one and no man will ever be held to account."

Michel Petrucciani, afflicted with a rare bone disease, was one of jazz' leading pianists until his death at 36. The documentary film of his life portrays clearly how he used and tossed a series of women. Avoid.

The Ides of March is political junky George Clooney's self-indulgent TV-caliber fllm about dirty deeds in a presidential campaign. Virulently misogynistic. Avoid.

Happily, "Chicken with Plums" (Poulet au prunes), the new Marjan Satrapi movie, is coming out. And if "Where do we go now?" (Et maintenant, on va où? ) is playing anywhere near you then move heaven and earth to see it. It's moving, hilarious and has the most satisfying scene of a woman straightening men's shit out ever consigned to film.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy Everywhere- I really want to love you but you make it SO DAMN HARD

Occupy Sacramento in chaos because dudely types decide NOT to announce a fucking sexual assault at the damn protest.

Look, I keep thinking I am done writing about the new, stupid, sexist shit that could possibly be going on at the Occupy protests. But no.

It's not fucking revolutionary to dismiss sexual assault, practice sexism, ignore women etc. It's the same old same old same old. (It required an extra same old, it's that fucking old).

H/t to Jack Crow. And the reason why we ladies keep y'all around is because we are your mothers and daughters and girlfriends and wives. There is no escaping a world with men in it. How can I hate all men when I am raising one? Or in love with one? But there's a whole fucking mess of them that I wouldn't cry if they fell off a cliff (cough-Julian-Assange-cough-President-Strong-Supporter-of-Women-cough-Harry-Reid-cough-etc-cough).

Sunday, October 23, 2011