Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not dead but the mother of a feral animal

Ah Republicans, can't live with them, can't shoot them in the head.

I see that the rethugs are back to comparing poor, hungry children to wild beasts. What they forget is that one of the most dangerous creatures in the wild is an angry mama. I guess I no longer need to fein politeness.

But it's not like Dems are any better cough*spendingfreeze*cough. (Somewhere Keyes and Gailbraith and Roosevelt are all turning over in their graves with shame) Since people like me, you know, the not wealthy white dudes of the world, are being treated so contemptibly by the powerful of society, I don't think we should be following any of societies rules. And shoplifters of the world unite has been stuck in my head for weeks.

So in this brave new world I say steal from the rich, the powerful, the corrupt. I say that if you need a home- go find a foreclosure and make it your own. When the politicians are no longer serving the needs of the people, perhaps it's time to sharpen the blades of the guillotines, or at least pick their deep pockets.

Revolution requires more than just some inspirational words on a blog or in a book. It requires action. We can think and talk all we want, but it doesn't change a damn thing. We can vote and volunteer, but as I heard it so aptly put once long ago- voting only rotates the elites, it doesn't actually change them.

Change requires action. Evolution requires action. We either change what we are doing to survive or we die. And make no mistake, those in power (both red and blue) are quite fine with seeing us wither away from starvation or die of exposure because we lack a home.

Wonder and I actually had a conversation about how you can get more freedom with a benevolent dictator than you can with our current form of oligarchy, I mean "democracy". How fucked up is that?

In the mean time- i still have neither my own computer or internet access. I've been making pretty art instead. Paper flower sculptures and cut paper things and even a painting for my aunts birthday. I'd show you all pictures, but that involves having access to a compy, camera and internet all at or near the same time. And i don't, but it's probably healthier for me than spending my time reading all the horrible ways the horrible people in the world are making life harder for the poor, the brown, the female. I've been avoiding the news because every time they show something about Haiti I start to cry. I do wonder what lovely disaster capitalism plans are going to forced on the suffering people of that country. I wonder why it is that we Americans are controlling Port Au Prince's airport, instead of say the UN.

But fuck it. Power corrupts and our powerful are all assholes.

Perhaps I should stick with the useless pretty art for a bit. I feel like I'm standing in front of a wildfire screaming out for a hose while no one listens, though Wonder said that when they do listen the hose they bring comes from the gas station. Yep- I'm bitter and angry and I can't see anyway out of this current horror of politics that doesn't involve something bloody. And my feral child who shouldn't be fed because he might breed is just close enough to adulthood to become someone's war fodder.