Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm going to Paris for my birthday!

So my birthday isn't for another 6 months, but I love planning a trip almost as much as I love taking one. SO I have 6 months of happy, joyful planning ahead of me! Yippee!

I have been to France before, but not Paris. (I know - how does one go to France and skip Paris? I went to the French Riviera- that's how).

I plan on parking my ass in the Louvre for a few days with a sketchbook unless the Louvre is cool and let's you take no-flash photos. Anyone know their photo policy? Any other must-see museums? (I know there are many- I'm looking for recommendations).

I am also wondering which neighborhood is best to stay in. I like being able to walk everywhere. In Rome I stayed in the Piazza Repubblica which ended up being easy walking distance to everything but the Vatican. I'd love to find a spot like that in Paris.

Suggestions, fun travel stories, etc. are always welcome.