Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear democratic party and subsidieries:

I am now sending the dozen or so emails i get from you everyday requesting campaign donations to my spam folder. I think i get about as much usefullness out of you as i get from the ViaGRa without a rx people.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Stephen Baldwin beg-a-thon

Apparently, some Christian big wigs have set up a website where people can donate directly to the blonde Baldwin brother because he had to declare bankruptcy last year. $2.3 million or so in mortgages, tax bills, credit cards, etc. They SAY it's because Hollywood stopped offering him roles because he's a Christian.

Well, bully for Stephen. Why does he qualify for this largesse when so many other people don't?

The boatloads of other decent people down on their luck didn't buy multiple homes in pricey Hollywood, expecting the good times to go on forever. They didn't publicly lambaste the people they hoped would hire them--seriously, if you're hiring for a position, would you hire the guy who gets on every Christian TV show to talk about how evil you are? Many of those people who declared bankruptcy (if they were fortunate enough to have that option) are probably good, God-fearing Christian folk, too, and perhaps even ones that many of us godless harlot-types would respect for their overall decency, hard work, and lack of pretense. Some may have made mistakes, for sure, but in this society, the rich pay next to nothing for huge mistakes they made with deliberate indifference, wreaking devastating consequences for the whole world. Regular folks, on the other hand, better not charge something extra on their credit cards or they're screwed for life.

Stephen, honey, sweetie. Maybe people stopped hiring you because (1) Hollywood is notoriously fickle to begin with, (2) you acted like a jerk in public towards the very people who were in a position to hire you, and (3) you just don't bring anything all that interesting to the table as an actor anymore. (Though if the Christian entertainment market is so damned huge, as it's purported to be, why aren't you getting hired for blockbusters in that field?)

Not to mention that whole spending-beyond-your-means thing. Isn't that what people on your side of the debate love to throw at those of us on our side? Come on now, be honest. Why do you deserve that sort of obscene hand-out for screwing up? It's not like you're a Wall Street wizard or anything.

I think a lot of people deserve that kindness more than you, though if people want to donate to you, I say it's their money and they can do as they please. It just doesn't make them any more Christian or moral in general than the rest of us. For those caring people (Christian or not) who still cling to the notion of "deserving poor" versus "undeserving poor," I suggest that there are deserving folks in your own back yard who could use the helping hand a lot more than some Hollywood type who bit the hand that fed him.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To the lovely professor

Who used a picture of glenn beckas an imaginary fascist come to power in a mock UN- are you single?

I was going to

Write a long post on earth day and why so much of environmentalism regressively relies on the unpaid labor of women, but its hard to write a long post on my phone and i have yet another raging migraine. Instead i am going to contemplate the best way to sterilize a power drill for at home brain surgery.rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide? And just to make it topical which one is more environmentally friendly?

Why does the sun shine

For my Pacific Northwesterners who can't remember what the sun is.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Immanuel kant was a real pissant

For Pido, with a get big smoochy kiss of thanks

Remember kids- I drink therefore I am.

The tactics are always the same, big whiny wheel edition

As I was attempting to drown myself in a bathtub full of tea tree oil (mosquitos people, they think I am an all you can eat buffet) I had this little thought.

MRAs are to child support* as red state conservatives are to taxes** as misogynists are to women*** as legacy graduates of Ivy league universities are to affirmative action****.

What is the common theme? These are all groups of people who contribute less to society than they get out of it, and whine the whole fucking time about what little they do have to put in.

All oppression has the same goal. Anyone who tells you to shut up about it, or that fighting against it is useless or futile, is probably one of the big, whiny, squeaky wheels getting more out of the system than they put in.

So what are your examples of big whiners getting more and paying less and complaining all the time about it? It can be racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia. Take your pick.

*for all their whining, 70 percent of child support cases are in arrears and in some states more than 50 percent of cases haven't seen a single payment in the last year. Yes I harp on this fact. It's important and ignored.

**red states almost universally get more money from the federal government than they pay in taxes. The opposite is true for blue states.

*** Seriously, do I need to explain how misogynists benefit from sexism? It was just national pay equality day for starters.

****Yes, I have actually had an argument with about with someone about how their legacy admission was soooooooo earned while affirmative action promotes the undeserving.

Another test

Can i write a longer post on my phone if i send it via email instead of text message or will it still break it down into tiny bits? I guess the way to test it is by writing one long boring message on my phone. Arent you all thrilled to watch the blog sausage making in action?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FYI- Posting may be light

As the internet bill is past due and I am liberating a weak ass wifi signal from somewhere else because comcast has cut me off.


Monday night/Tuesday morning music

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why is it that

"hard choices" are always made on the backs of people like me(and just about everyone reading this here bloggity blog). How come "hard choices" never come at the expense of people who the cost doesn't matter much to?

How come it's not the banksters sacrificing their bonuses? how come it's not the health insurance parasites sacrificing their profits? How come it's not the people who make over $106,800 a year who have to pay for the "hard choices". How come it's not military contractors or oil companies or giant agribusiness who has to pay for the "hard choices".

How come those who benefited most from the extravagance of the last 10 30 years aren't the ones paying for the hard choices?

Oppression exists for practical reasons- Gay rights edition

You know, sometimes it's hard to figure out just why certain oppressions exist. Sometimes it's easy- sexism exists because it creates a huge group of unpaid workers willing to do the shitty work of raising kids and cooking meals for no pay. But with the gay marriage thing, it's hard to figure out just why the powers that be are so reluctant to let people marry.

Until you look at the money.

The state stole everything they owned and auctioned it off. Everything. Gone.

And even when the state isn't straight up thieving, it's more expensive to be gay.

That's the point of oppression. It is always the point of oppression. It is not a side effect, or a bug. It is the reason oppression exists.

h/t to chicago dyke