Saturday, September 18, 2010

Avon park Police harass Christian Youth Gatherings

I know i am seriously agnostic, and I hate evangelists. But that doesn't mean I am against people being able to worship in places designed exactly for that. For the last few months, this is just a small sampling of what we have been dealing with on a daily basis. From my Auntie Cate:

"My daughter owns an historic church in Avon Park that had been empty for several years. A few months ago the church was rented to a lovely Christina congregation who had lost their store front church due to "zoning" issues. The fit couldn't have been better. We had an empty church and they needed a new church home.
Very quickly it became apparent that someone in the city did not want to these people to have a place to pray. Since they have taken occupancy we can be assured that at nearly every church gathering there will be a police presence harassing and threatening both the worshippers and my daughter, who is a paraplegic wheelchair user. We've had multiple visits from not only the police, but code enforcement. Every time we try to clarify with the city exactly what is needed for the church to legally operate we are told a different story. 
At this point we can only surmise that the city will never allow these people to worship because the worshippers are all latino and my entire family is disabled. It is the most insidious of hate crimes, violating not just civil rights but freedom of religion. The police have told that if church is held tomorrow, they will forcibly break up the meeting. 
I can't help but think of other Southern churches where brown people worshipped and little girls died. i can only hope that someone in the media will pick up this story and the town will be shamed into doing what is right. "

If any of you are in the area and feel like playing legal observer or know how to get the attention of the MSM (yeah I know) we could sure use the help. 


dear democrats

thanks for the offer of a free bumper sticker with your new logo, but i'll pass.
see, i'm slightly pissed off that you spent gawd only knows how many
hours and dollars designing a sticker and not a solid economic
recovery plan.and it's not that i'm sticker adverse. i lived in newt
gingrich's district in the 90s. the kid's daycare was next door to his
home office. i was also in the land of bob barr.and i drove my little
red toyota around with democratic stickers covering the bumper. scary
southern white dudes like to scream at 24 year old me and my kid when
i was pumping gas or loading groceries. but that was under bill
clinton, and i had a middle class income and could afford a car and a
home and daycare. so the occasional red faced fuckwad was just the
price i paid for backing a party that made my life better. there is no
trade off for this new sticker and as a consolation prize it bites.

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time.
Willem de Kooning

education begins at home

so we are beginning year two of the home school/unschool experiment. i
got a stack of computer programming and math books from ruthie and i
just ordered physics, chemisty and algebra books from ye old amazon.
so math and science are covered. kid finally picked a topic for
history, the great depression. i think it's perfect. we've got english
covered with steinbeck. there's tons of economics stuff. there's
environmental stuff with the dustbowls. but what i need are
recomendations, books and movies easily digestible by a very literate
15 year old. both fiction and non fiction. and if anyone wants to send
stuff our way, drop me an email.

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time.
Willem de Kooning

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey, Christine O'Donnell.

You can take my Hitachi Magic Wand when you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tell me a story

so it's fall in the tropics, which means 85 degree weather and the
constant threat of hurricaines. ugh.
i love real fall. i love crunchy leaves and fuzzy sweaters and knee
high boots. i love the misty grey sky shot through with red and gold
leaves. i love a little nip in the air, enough to want a scarf but not
a real jacket.
so friends and blog readers, tell me about your fall. please. pretty please.

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time.
Willem de Kooning

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labels, labels, labels

I've typed this same post so many times that I'm surprised I haven't developed a Pavlovian nausea response to just thinking about it. But here I go again.

When a label or a symbol becomes more important than the thing or qualities that it is supposed to represent, there is a problem. A serious problem. Just about every lefty can give you numerous examples of the right failing on that, like making flag burning illegal in a country that is supposed to be based on freedom or calling yourself a Christian while being rabidly in favor of the death penalty. Or people trying to stop a community center being built in the land of religious freedom. But the lefties aren't immune. Especially now.

I see alot of "my party, right or wrong", from the Democrats and those who still vote for them. I want to know, really, what makes them declare themselves as liberals or progressives or Democrats. What do they think that means? I used to think that the Dems were the party of everyone else, those of us who didn't get born with possibilities but were working to make more possibilities for everyone. When I saw, perhaps a few elections too late for some and perhaps a few elections too early for others, that my party wasn't the party of possibility but the party of slightly less heinous than the other guys, I had to abandon the label. But I'm okay with that. The label no longer gave me a sense of belonging to something better. And oh do I want something better. I dream of a world that might look a bit like heaven if I believed in god. But I don't. So I am going to have to make it right here instead of suffering till judgment day.

What would I label myself now? I would say progressive, in that I believe the only way for human beings to survive is to move forward. I would say expansive, because rights should be an ever growing, adapting, evolving thing. There are abuses committed in the world on a daily basis that we don't even have a name for yet because others are so large and glaring as to absorb all the light. I would say communal, because the best things about human evolution have always involved cooperation, starting with language. We can't go forward one by one.

But none of that is in a party platform. Instead we have compromises and half truths and blatant lies and sacrifice (on our part) without reciprocation. Democracy is broken, and the elites rotate in front of us like conveyor belt sushi. Sure, they may be slightly different from each other, but it's all the same basic ingredients.

I could beg and plead, argue and debate and wait for the masses to "wise up". But they won't. They never have. People in general will tolerate a whole lot of abuse and most will never bite the hand that whips them. All changes for the better have always started with a handful of people who could imagine a better world. Imagine how very different things would be if Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin couldn't shrug off the label of "British" to forge a new American identity.

That's the fear. The loss of identity that comes with forward thinking and label changing. That's what makes Democrats whinge about how "the other guys are so much worse". They are people who cannot imagine a world that is so much better. Perhaps they deserve a wee bit of pity, but only a little. We don't actually need them. (And I have found that a little look of disdain works much better than all the logic in the universe at just getting the fear mongers to shut up.)

*I freely acknowledge that the founding fathers' idea of a new American identity were limited to white men only, and for most only land-owning white men. Doesn't mean democracy is a bad idea, just that the world should be more democratic.

Monday, September 13, 2010

MRAs can suck it

Oh the whiners, the wingers, the "bitch just wants my money"ers. You've all heard them. Women just trap men with surprise pregnancies so they can get those big child support bucks and the courts are just stacked against the poor dudely types.
You all know I love to debunk the MRA mythology. First and foremost, 70 percent of all child support cases in the country are in arrears. That means that 70 percent of all non custodial parents, mostly dudes, aren't paying support on time. In many states, over 50 percent of child support cases haven't had a single payment made in the last 12 months. (Numbers are from the US census, go forth and google).

But what about the "all the courts are stacked against the dads" myth?

Just a minute ago I was looking at my own child support case online (current back support owed is over $46,000) and ran across this little bit of info:
For those of you who can't read the screen shot, that would be 5 resources for dads to 1 (one, uno, singular) for moms.

MRAs, full of shit. They just don't want to take care of their kids.