Saturday, March 01, 2008

You know they are gentrifiying the hood

when this is the graffiti in front of your house (or my house as the case may be)

I knew there was a reason

that most of the guys I date are foreign, and generally not white. This guy, and all guys like him. All all guys who maybe aren't like him but can "see his point". And all guys who want to be like him. And all guys who have ever thought of being like him.

I'll take over-educated Asians, Latin Americans and even some Europeans rather than come within a thousand feet of the "Angry White Guy". Shit I'd become a celibate nun before coming within a thousand feet of this guy, and I don't really believe in god.

Maybe they are angry white guys beause the women they used to get to subjugate have discovered that hot Asian guys are better hung than the stereotype implies, or that there really is something to the Latin lover thing. Hell, at this point even the mildest Canadian would be more interesting than Angry White Guy.

Via Jeff Fecke at Shakesville,
a white guy with more sense than the writer of this stupid article and all the angry white guys he thinks are being ignored.

Friday, February 29, 2008

It is done

After yet another scary, awful home crisis (I'm not getting into it y'all- I'm really tired of being a charity case) I still managed to finish the little essay I was working on.

It's been edited for grammar by my good friend Ms. J, the schoolteacher, and content by B!

It was submitted just a minute ago. Wish me luck. I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more nervous about this one than i was about the last one (prolly because last time I was in the middle of Effexor withdrawl and just keeping my wits about me left little room for nervousness.)

Open letters only mean something when you back it up with actions

Regarding Obama's recent open letter to the LGBT community

It’s one thing to keep your ears open to other voices, it’s an entirely different thing to give lip service in an open letter while inviting religious bigots to help with your campaign.

Are we ladies who periodically feel down about his sexist dogwhistles going to get a meaningless open letter next?

Actions and words Mr. Obama. You don't get to shake our hand with your right while smacking us in the face with your left.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

You're a human animal!

I was watching a show on PBS the other day about polar bears and grizzly bears and I noticed something that may send the Walk of the Penguins loving fundies into a tailspin of cognitive dissonance.

Nature loves the single mother lead family, especially in large predators. See bears, lions, tigers (actually most cats).

So if god hates single moms and homosexuals- why did he make so many examples of them in nature? Or is the devil responsible for those editions?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm on a roll.............

Things I keep saying are being turned into articles by other people, could it be that I have hit on something here?

Granted, this is from a Libertarian magazine (in my heart I am a libertarian on social policy, marry who you want, control your own body be it through birth control, abortions or what current;y illegal drugs you wish to consume) and a socialist-capitalist hybrid on other stuff. But that's beside the point.

So my little Mommy Fetish Essay that has pissed people off where I say women should stop telling people their children are their greatest accomplishment wasn't wrong"
"Indeed, looking after the kids appears to be only slightly more pleasant than doing housework," asserts Gilbert in his bestselling, Stumbling on Happiness (2006).

Of course, that's not what most parents say when asked. For instance, in a 2007 Pew Research Center survey people insisted that their relationships with their little darlings are of the greatest importance to their personal happiness and fulfillment. However, the same survey also found "by a margin of nearly three-to-one, Americans say that the main purpose of marriage is the 'mutual happiness and fulfillment' of adults rather than the 'bearing and raising of children.'"
Stop lying folks. Kids are hard work. If it is necessary that children are born and raised for the good of society, then we need to start demanding compensation beyond false claims of personal fulfillment.

Have I mentioned......

That I am rarely wrong? Oh I will freely admit it when I am (I actually have to write a post about how you can defeminate women after having a lovely chat with my doctor) but it is rare enough that I get to claim royal status.

What, you thought the queen thing was just cause of my giant ego? giant ego alone would make me a princess. Giant brain makes me Queen.

So after that bit of braggery (not a word, I know) more proof that your fearless leader wasn't wrong about the white dudes.

Obama has based his entire strategy on sending messages to white males, assuring them he will take race and sex privilege off the table of American discourse


I have a writing deadline for a piece I am working on about how to raise feminist boys. As usual, when any deadline hangs over me, I am procrastinating.

Instead I am reading about philosophy. See, I am a structuralist, not because I think it is the best way of doing things (quite the contrary) but because I see that it is how we have arranged society. The problem I have always had with structuralism is that it is great for explaining, but not for solving, societies problems. And I am a girl who likes solutions.

So I spend a lot of time making fun of the little postmodern hipsters. Buttttttttttttt, there is a point to it. Postmodernism allows for individual complexity in a way that shrugs of capitalism en mass in favor of a more manageable, smaller, individualized way of producing with larger, more expansive ways of interacting. See as the best example of it that I can think of. Thousands of individuals making pieces of their choosing arranged into one large sphere for trading goods. This is directly contrasted to our modernist way of having one huge producer or generic goods for all (see Walmart).

So that's what I'm doing. Any of you peeps out there with your brains drifting into philosophy?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Swoon

I've loved George Monbiot since manifesto for a new world order, but this piece on the cost of lives makes me all swoony.

George, if you're single................

I'm not not speaking to anybody

except maybe bill collectors.

I just can't face watching another guy friend turn into a cheerleader for Obama. I can't. It hurts me personally.

But why are you taking this so personally? You might ask. It's just politics.

Except it's not. "Periodically feeling down" may not seem like a big deal to you, but you've never had a boy totally dismiss you, your ideas, your opinions and your anger because "it's that time of the month". That is personal. It means that Obama thinks that women are to be dismissed as incapable at least once a month.

So I can't get into another argument with a guy friend. I don't want to hear how by not supporting a candidate who dismisses me and half the population is equal to my voting for McCain. It isn't. I have a right to demand that the candidate I vote for has my best interests at heart. Telling me to hold my nose and vote is like telling me to cut off my tits and pretend I'm a dude. It ain't gonna happen.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Didn't I say this a week or so ago?

The dude vote. The dudes who don't have a problem with women in general, but won't vote for a particular woman. I am pretty sure that no particular woman would ever measure up to their dudely standards, but they can keep telling themselves they aren't misogynist asswipes. Won't make it true, but they'll feel better about themselves.

(Sorry that the first link is behind the Salon firewall- it's just a quick commercial to read the article- I swear)

Dear People I Work With

I realize that I am one of only 2 females employed on this ENTIRE campus. I know I spend all of my work time in front of a computer typing away.


I made a lot more money as a secretary, actually. You do not pay me enough to do you piddly ass typing for you. You just pay me enough to teach you how to do it yourself.

That is all