Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gotta love the asshats

Every now and then some giant asshat will come along and decided to post some vicious, violent, misogynistic comment on an old post. I think that it is good to bring the asshats into the light and show the world how incredibly awful they are.

The other day- anonymous asshat decide to post 3 incoherent, ignorant, and disgusting comments on three old posts.

First, on a funny little thing about what I've learned from reading online dating profiles asshat replies

I find that fat, ugly women are often as predatory about sex as men. Could it be that once women stop getting laid that they don't accept it any more than the men do?

Doesn't judging men on your perception of their sexual prowess encourage the very "conquest mentality" you supposedly don't want us to have?

Now ask why, in 2007, you want to learn about players, pickup artists, and NLP seduction, when this stuff has been on the net since 1996 and before? Are you a mindless sheep who needs the media to tell her what to read?
I don't know who Earle is. I don't mention men's sexual prowess anywhere in the post. I don't think he has any sort of reading comprehension because he mentions stuff from Scarred's PUA site. Do you think he realizes that there is more than one feminst blogger out there- or does he think that by commenting here for some other site that the feminist bat signal will go out and we'll all come running on our fat, hairy, man-hating legs?

Next, from a post on the icky look-up thing that gross guys do

Another way women are treated as objects instead of people is to get hired for jobs because they look pretty.

Is it safe to say that women don't fight this because the price is right?

Do ugly and fat women count? They get hurt too.
Again- who is this Earle? Does Earl have magic, invisible powers of commenting that I cannot see? How does women getting hired for their looks have anything to do with guys blocking me from walking or whatever so they can take a mental jack-off pic? Does he hate fat and ugly women or does he want them to count too? If there was ever proof that the patriarchy hurts men too, I would say that asshat shows it. He clearly never developed critical thinking skills or the ability to communicate intelligently.

But that is nothing compared to asshat's last comment. See, I wrote a little thing on What men can do to stop rape. We women have been trying to stop rape since, oh before recorded history. Asshat thinks that men not raping women would interfere with men's job prospects. I never knew that rape could be a great networking exercise.

Yeah, men are supposed to cut off their access to other men, jobs, friends, etc. to "do the right thing."

Then, the men are supposed to watch women reject them due to their lower social and economic standing, and run to the rapists because they're life's "winners."

Do you really think any jock is going to be annoyed by anything that repels old, ugly feminists and attracts athletic, young, very attractive women?
What.The.Fuck? Women "run to the rapists because they are life's 'winners'? Seriously asshat, put down the bong, stop using Grand Theft Auto as the basis for all your social commentary, and work on developing the muscle between your ears instead of the muscles in your right hand.

If this is an example of the kind of outstanding male jock specimens that the patriarchy is offering up- how do we continue to have a birthrate at all. Even this guy's mother must regret her decision to "choose life" in this case. I know that just reading his comments made my ovaries shrivel up in fear.

(On a much more positive note, I just got home from a fab date with a liberal boy who has the most fantastic pecs and is a hell of a kisser. The pecs, OMG, I wanted to rip his shirt off right there in parking lot. And the kissing, I'm a damn fine kisser (have been told by more than a few people that I am the best;) and this boy, well, he might put me to shame in the best possible way)