Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Let Them Play Stupid

So you all have probably heard about the shitmonster Rethuglican, Sentator Todd Akin, who said that victims of "legitimate rape" don't get pregnant. As if our bodies have a magical defensive mechanism for blocking rapey sperm.

And a lot of the reaction to this ludicrous assault on women has been to treat the man as if he is stupid. Actually that is the first response of left-leaning folks when the right says yet another outlandish thing. Think of how Bush Jr. was talked about.

That's a mistake. Treating the racists, the homophobes, the misogynists, etc. as if they are uniformed rubes. They aren't. What they are is liars. And that is how they should be treated. Stupid can be accidental. Stupid can be fixed with better knowledge. These people, who hate with every fiber of their being aren't stupid. They are lying. They know better, but knowing better doesn't get them what they want. What they want is to remain firmly entrenched at the top of the pyramid.

We need to call them on their bullshit. We need to stop letting them control the debate with these ridiculous claims that have no basis in fact. We need to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt and treating them like the whole difference of opinion is because they lack knowledge. They know the truth. They live in the world, same as we do. But the truth doesn't get them what they want.

So this is the comment I left on Akin's Facebook page:
I can't believe you are actually as stupid as you pretend to be about biology. No one believes women have magical anti-pregnancy defenses against rapists. So you must be liar. A woman-hating, pro-rapist liar.
No more arguing. No more debate. No more letting liars and shitmonsters* control the agenda with their lies. It works with women-hating, pro-rape liars. It works with climate change deniers. It works with "MEN WILL MARRY THEIR DOGS" homophobes. It works with the assholes who try to create Trans* panic by screaming about "OMG WHAT IF A TRANS LADY USES THE WOMEN'S BATHROOM". It works with the douchenoodles who are all "POOR PEOPLE AREN'T REALLY POOR CAUSE THEY HAVE CELL PHONES". 

They are liars. Straight up. And they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it for one second longer. They deserve our disdain. They deserve to be called a liar straight to their lying faces. They deserve to be held accountable for the mountains of shit and grief and pain they cause.  

*FYI shitmonsters is my new favorite insult. Collecting insults has long been on of my favorite pastimes.