Thursday, July 20, 2006

Classified: The Red Queen After a Long Night en Mexico

Hey, we won't tell anyone (snicker, snicker).

Love the outfit, babe!

Hooptie of the Week: Chevy Avalanche

Okay, so I've slacked on this. Sue me!

I must admit, cars come off the assembly line a lot better than before; it is difficult to find a hopptie that comes right off the lot, but I am sure I have found one: the Chevy Avalanche.

This baby is full of plastic. It's a gas guzzler and can't decide if it's a pickup or an SUV. In other words, the worst of both: a pickup with a small bed and a SUV with not enough interior space. Not only that, the MSRP is near a paltry $32K for the base model.

I found an extra picture for this monster, one that people of certain persuasions would die for: the Iraqi Guntruck version!


buenos dias de campeche amigos

im in campeche at an internet cafe. the problem with spanish language keyboards is that i am not sure how to shift or put the right punctuation in- so forgive the childlike look of this post.

campeche is awesome. its a little spanish colonial city formerly known for bieng ripe pickins for pirates. im enjoying alot of mexican baseball and i climbed to the top of the ek balalm ruins. my thighs are still paying the price for that one- the stairs are about 4 inches wide but 18 inches tall each.

so far the food has rocked and no travelers stomach for me-yay. in a few days i am off to see the giant head sculptures and monkeys in villahermosa. tonight we are having drinks with one of the campeche piratas baseball players.

hasta luego mis amigos, i have to go pick up my laundry. some nice old lady is washing all of it for me for about 3 dollars. i love having someone else wash my stuff. whoopee.