Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's mourning in America

If you look in my shared items you'll see a new piece of street art by
Shepherd Fairy, yes that Shepherd Fairy. The guy responsible for those
ubiquitous Obama posters in 2008. I seem to remember skimming
something not that long ago about how Fairy was dissapointed in Obama.
I feel a twee bit bad for those who've had their audacious hopes for
change crushed and admit it (just a twee bit, I'm still pissed off
about the violent threats lobbed at non-Obots). But here's a guy whose
name we only know because it was so firmly entwined with the mass
brainwashing of the democratic base in 2008 coming out of the cult
like fog. For progressives, real progressives, this is awesome. For
Democrats, it should serve as a 2 minute warning. The game is almost
over and they are going to lose.

Friday, April 15, 2011

We sign a lease on Monday!!!!!!

Which means Tuesday we should be moving. Which means I have to bleg. We need cash for things like: trash & recycle cans, mop, broom, dustpan, bedding for the Kid and me, air mattresses for the month or so that we will be without beds, towels, shower curtain and rings, pot holders, toilet brush, lamps, etc. etc. You get the idea. Most of this stuff can be bought second hand, but it can't be bought for free.

Also, the building has had a bed bug problem in the past, though the super is pretty good about being on top of that shit. so we probably need those plastic envelope things that encase mattresses and box springs.

Last month I made a grand total of $101. This month has been a little better (thank you kind donors), but we're still far short of being able to buy pillows or coffee cups. So if you've got it to spare, every dime helps.

And OMFG PEEPS- we're going to have a home of our very own for the first time in 3 fucking years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Protest Sign Ideas

Now that life may possibly be returning to normal-ish (damn could that
sentence have any more qualifiers) I should have the time and energy
to join in the happy protests like the peeps who took over the capitol
in Olympia. During the Bush years I attended protests in a fetching
black cowboy hat with a sign that read 'stop mad cowboy disease'. I
think my next sign is going to read 'Brother can you spare some
change?' Both as an homage to the famous line from the Great
Depression and as a kick in the teeth to his audacious changeyness.
But I'm open to others. So darling peeps- what would your protest sign

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So YAY! We got the apartment!!!! Yay! One mountain os stomach churning
stress down. 5 million more to go. But YAY!

still waiting......

to be approved/ not approved for the apartment. The stress is really
doing a number on me. I'm getting little panic attacks everytime the
phone rings and my stomach is an acid churning sea.. I may hear for
sure tomorrow. A yes would be awesome, but then there's a whole new
level of stress with the old utility bills and no furniture or
bedding.( though that makes the physical act of moving easier, my
hurty body is not looking forward to sitting and sleeping on the floor
for an extended period) A no starts the whole process over. I keep
fighting a desire to hide behind the sofa and sob. So that's where I
am right now. Freaked out and stressed to the max.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The dog farts in your general direction

Tonight, to make up for having been out of town on my birthday, my
friend Amanda took me to a gorgeous dinner (rabbit caccitore with
riccotta gnocchi) and then to the symphony. Amanda is blind and
travels everywhere with Winnie, the bestest, most awesomest dog ever.
In movies, Amanda usually has someone quietly narrate the whole thing
to her, but for concerts she just needed me to quietly point out
things she would find interesting, like that the amazing guest
violinist was wearing flip flops and toe rings under her long formal
dress, or that almost every single male bass player was mr. clean
style bald (there were 6 of them, it was unusual) I only whispered a
handful of things to Amanda. No more the 4 sentences in the course of
2 hours. We were in accesible seating with the dog. You all know
what's coming, right? Of course the douchebag in front of us, who
nearly stepped on the dog, shushed me. The dog, who again is the best
ever, then proceeded to fart at the douchenoodle, more than once. Good