Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Art Blogging

The first thing I do when I move is hang the art. Since I lost all of
it, including all of my own paintings, I am making do. The apartment
feels more empty to me because of the bare walls than because of the
lack of furniture. When I got Kid's Bed, I also got 4 awful pictures
that I am cannibalizing for my own paint. One was your standard boring
garden print, over the top of which I am painting a giant Buddha in
the lotus positions with a bright red background. But instead of
having both eyes closed in peaceful meditation he's got one eyebrow
raised and is giving a hard side eye to something. He's half finished.
I ran out of paint. The other one I'm doing is the beginning of a
series. I've always loved travel posters but am grossed out by the
exoticism. So I'm going to do some paintings of travel-style
revolutions. I've started on one of Subcommandante Marcos/Citizen X
that will read 'chiapas' and I'd like to do one for Tunisia and Iran.
But again, out of paint. I'll post pics when they are done, if you

Friday, April 22, 2011

Internet, still an impossible dream

Fucking fucking fuck. This is cause I snubbed the gods of interwebs by
having a back up compy to use while the dead one is getting fixed,
isn't it?

How do you know if you're a stalker or just a helpful, concerned person

Has the object of your obsession said flat out 'if you contact me
again, it's stalking'? If yes- you're a delusional asshat and a
Has the focus of your obsession had to: change their phone number,
move, etc. in order to avoid contact with you? Ding, you're a fucking
stalker. Seriously folks, I had almost 6 Weeks of peace and quiet.
Of-fucking-course it was just wishful thinking on my part to think
that jerkface stalker had moved on. Wishful thinking. Well I'll give
you a little more wishful thinking, when this person finally kicks the
bucket and can no longer hurt me, I'm going to dance a fucking jig.
You got that Stalker? I am waiting for you to die so you'll stop doing
fucking damage to the people you claim to love. And if you don't back
the fuck off I am going to start talking about what life with you was
really like. You really don't want that. But if you go away, then I'll
stay quiet.

There's a rumor

That I will have internet TODAY! Woot, everybody throw ya hands up.
Of course since the universe has conspired for most of the last 2
years to keep me from regular internet access, my laptop has died. But
damned. (So far only a rumor because even though qwest is scheduled to
be here, I won't believe it till they are actually here.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kid's got a bed

A super soft memory foam twin extra long mattress and box spring. I'm
jealous. Also got a super fab modern plywood dining table and two
comfy but ugly waiting room chairs. Hurray! No more sitting on the
floor! Now if you all will excuse me while I go die of exhaustion.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Old Fashioned Music Exchange

In the course of homelessness, I've lost the several hundred gigs of
music I once had, including the digital copies of old fashioned cd's
that I ripped and then sold to a record store one desperate summer
rather than do porn for groceries (true story). I'm down to 3.5 gigs
that I managed to save off a dying mp3 player. I'm leary of
downloading since all the internet companies have initiated the
smackdown on users who go over the limit. But what if we had a music
swap. It's so quaint, like mix tapes. We could burn cds or dvds full
of music and pass em around. Anyone interested?

Positively Pavlovian

For a long time my ring tone was The Gossip's 'Standing in the way of
control' and now everytine I hear the song I start frantically looking
around for my cell phone. The current ring tone is a remix of Queen's
Another one bites the dust. I may have ruined that song for myself.

Important Question for the Peanut Gallery

So I've received a little offer to do a few sponsored blog posts. It's
a little extra money (like $40) and I'm certainly desperate for it,
but would you all find it too bizzare? Yes, it would make me a sell
out, but I live at half of the poverty level and have some sell-put
wiggle room on the grand scale.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How do you know you travel light?

When every single thing you own, plus a couple of things you borrowed,
plus all of your groceries, plus 3 adults and 2 car seats can fit into
a single minivan without removing the seats.
In other words, Kid and I and all of our stuff are now in our new apartment.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lease signed!

And I'm going to pick up my keys. My keys, my apartment. OMFG peeps!
I'm back in the land of responsible home renters.

Banksters been using the stock market to blackmail us for a long damn time

Any of you peeps remember how in the GoGo 90's the stock market would
take a hit everytime new employment numbers came out? They said it was
cause they (who is they?) feared low unemployment rates (5% or less)
would lead to inflation. Except it didn't. It led to full time jobs
with medical and dental insurance and regular wage increases. That's
what the Banksters hate.

Let's Watch The Banksters Blackmail The Government, AGAIN!

So the S&P (Standard&Poor) just downgraded America and made the stock
market plummet over fears that the government isn't taking debt
reduction seriously enough. Now we all know the S&P is a bastion of
ethics and honesty (cough-choked on my gum while typing that line-
cough) so of course their only motive would be rationally and honestly
assessing the stock market (cough-damn I'm going to need the heimlich
if I continue with the sarcasm)! How long before His Hopiness runs
further to the right? I give him about 5 seconds. We should place

Damn PBS, why'd ya have to go there?

I am a glutton for the PBS costume drama. And I've seen just about
every version of Upstairs Downstairs/Gosford Park/Downton Abbey etc.
etc. So of course I'm watching the new Upstairs Downstairs and I'm
bored to fucking sobs. Nothing new to see here. Until the introduce
Rachel, a Jewish refugee from Germany (in 1936) who goes from being a
university lecturer with a husband and daughter and maid of her own,
to being a maid. Suddenly there is a character we haven't seen before!
(And to be honest, the rest of the characters are so flatly written I
want to poke them to see if they'd crinkle like paper). Rachel also
gives the only other *non-white character, the exotic Indian
manservant Mr. Rangit, a chance to interact with people instead of
being decoration. So (SPOILERS!) of course they have to kill her off.
Like having more than 2 non-wasps in a costume drama for more than an
episode will fucking cause PBS viewers to lose their shit. Instead we
get a Very Special Episode! on facism. Gross.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why people choose full republican over diet republican everytime

You've all heard some version of the above. Buy why? Think about the
conservative ideaology. It's a world with no social programs, no
public eduction, and only a huge millitary as an outlet for (mild)
poverty relief. You believe that the only use for government is in
exercising cohersive power, either through the police of the military.
If you believe that the only true path to liberty is through those
measures, then a meddling, middling, compromising moderate (like
Obama) is NEVER going to win you over. NEVER. As for Democrats, well
it is supposed to be the party that believes that the government
should 'ensure domestic tranquility' through social programs with less
of a focus (but not much less) on cohersive power. We don't have that
though. What we have is a party of douchenozzles running themselves
(and us) ragged trying to out liberty and coherce the right while
making mild sops to theft obfuscated in orwellian rhetoric (public
option anyone).

2ish rooms down, 3 to go

Thanks to kindly benefactors, we have a complete bathroom. Towels,
shower curtain, curtain hooks and a rug. Thank you kindly donors! Also
I managed to get a tv off craigslist for free, but it's been so long
since I've dealt with tv stuff that I didn't realize I'd need a
converter box AND a digital antenna to make it work. Blah. There's 70
bucks I did not want to spend. So now we're down to needing bedding
(damn y'all, do you know how fricken expensive a basic pillow is?)
some stragley kitchen stuff, cleaning stuff like mops and brooms, and
lamps. If you want to help, but can't use paypal, I am all over amazon
gift certificates. You can buy just about anything on amazon. And
lemme say again, thank you all. You've kept kid and me afloat through
homelessness and are now directly responsible for us turning an
apartment into home. Our own home, for the first time in years. Thank