Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's all hope and change for straight dudes only

The inauguration is coming and with it comes more news from the Obama camp about how the only people that really matter are dudes, straight dudes.

First comes Rick Warren, professional homophobe and woman hater. He's giving the invocation at the inauguration. He thinks that abortion is a holocaust, which makes women like me Nazis. I guess I should get to sig heiling right quick.

He also hates teh gays. You know they are trying to corrupt the good clean youth of America with their dirty ass sex and liberal views. Or something. He thinks that gay marriage is as evil as rape. As a woman who was raped, I can tell you that there is a world of difference between the happy champagne toast of a committed couple and being pinned under a drunken lead singer who thinks it's cute when you cry and scream "No!". Not the same thing at all. Really.


Obama says he disagrees with Warren on these issues and he is just trying to bring some unity to the country. Unity for straight dudes only I'm thinking, since the person Obama has put in charge of writing his inauguration speech is none other than boob grouping, drunk face book star Jon Favreau.

Sweet. I wonder if Favreau can work in some funny sexist jokes about how us dumb bitches don't know what's good for us. Can't we see the Obama is the change we've been waiting for? Change from having control over our own bodies restricted, change from being the sex class, change from marginalizing people bases on anatomy or sexual preferences?

From inauguration day forward, America is going to be a different place, a better place, if you have a penis and you sleep with women. But for the rest of us, it looks a hell of a lot like the last 8 years.