Thursday, June 04, 2009


Scott Roeder, terrorist, murderer, and forced-pregnancy proponent says:

"I haven't been convicted of anything, and I am being treated as a criminal"

Congratulations Mr. Roeder, you've just joined the ranks of douchebags like Hans Fritzl who cannot understand why they are being punished for committing a crime.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Acronym

PETA now stands for People who are Ethically Tantamount to Asswipes

That is all

There are very, very few black and white issues in the world

Most things are a spectrum of grey. Politics, economics, environment, even free speech all have a grey scale.

But there is one that is soooo black and white, either good or bad. And it's the one we have the most trouble with.

Bodily autonomy. The idea that any and every single person on the planet has the right to do with their own body whatever they want, so long as it doesn't harm another living, autonomous human being.

This idea that ownership of ones body is flexible is the reason for drug laws, prostitution laws, abortion laws, slavery, the prison system, torture, rape, executions, child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, "honor" killings, and a whole host of other horrific things. We come down hard on people using their own bodies for survival (prostitution) or self medicating their own bodies in the only way they can (drug abuse) while ignoring or excusing the thousands of ways we allow people to abuse another body with violence, abuse or exploitation.

You either believe that your body is the one true thing that any of us ever get to own in this world, or you don't.

It is the most basic of property rights. You don't have to be rich, or have good credit, or be educated, or straight, or white, or male, or able-bodied, or even an adult. As soon as you are born, as soon as you no longer require another person's body as a life support system, you have the right to your own body. But before that, you are relying on the good graces of your mother, because she gets the same rights to her body as you get to yours, once you are born.

It's black and white. There is no middle ground on this. The middle ground means that there is justification for rape, for child abuse, for slavery. The middle ground means there are enough good things that come from these atrocities to make it okay. And there isn't (if almost 40 years of the War on Drugs hasn't shown you that criminalization is a racist means of control minority populations then you're a hopeless idiot).

People who don't understand this fundamental right are the people who kill doctors, or bomb buildings, or make new categories so that they can claim they have a sex life and not a rape record. People who don't get this explain child abuse as discipline. People who don't get this treat women like children and take away the availability of medical procedures. People like this are always coming up with new reasons to justify their own violence.

But they almost never apply those same justifications to themselves. For whatever reasons, they believe that they are more autonomous than others.

I've been watching a lot of crime tv lately. I saw (back to back) a show about Fritzel, the fuckwad in Germany who held his daughter in the basement for decades, and another show about a rich American who also held several different women in an underground dungeon for years at a time. Neither one of them thought what they were doing was wrong. I saw another guy, who raped his stepdaughter, who didn't think he was as bad as his cellmate. What he did was okay, but his cellmate raped little boys and that was really wrong.

And I think about the talking heads like O'Reilly, who spout off venomous attacks on others, inciting violence and even stalking opponents. They don't think what they are doing is wrong either. Because, just like those horrible men mentioned above, they believe that some bodies are not fully autonomous.

But they are just trying to find a shade of grey in a black and white issue, and there isn't one. Ever.

You'll all thank me for this later

Or more inappropriate conversations with the Kid

Last night, coming home on the insanely hot bus. Kid gets the window seat and then proceeds to do the dudely spread leg sitting position that pisses off female mass transit riders world wide.

I asked, repeatedly and nicely, for him to scoot over so that I'm not falling in the aisle. It works for a minute, then he forgets.

I'm hot, I'm cranky, I've lost my patience.

"Okay kid, either you sit nice and share the seat or I get the window side".

That doesn't work.

So I broke it down and told him the truth.

"The only people who get to sit like that are guys with watermelon sized private parts. Guys who sit like that and aren't packing a watermelon just piss off women. We all know that sitting all spread eagle is a cover up for tiny bits".

That worked.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just a reminder

(my cafe press shirts with this on it are still available here, btw)

A language lesson for wingnuts and deniers

Since there seems to be a shit ton of denial going on as to whether the assassination of Dr. Tiller was a terrorist act or not, I thought it's time to clear up some things regarding the definition of terrorism.

Merriam-Webster defines terrorism as:

the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

and the definition of terror is:

1: a state of intense fear
2 a: one that inspires fear : scourge b: a frightening aspect c: a cause of anxiety : worry d: an appalling person or thing ; especially : brat
3: reign of terror

4: violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands

bolds mine

So murdering a doctor in order to intimidate other doctors and government officials into outlawing abortion is an act of terrorism. Publishing the names and addresses of doctors and clinic workers so that they fear for their lives and safety and cannot perform the job that you hate is an act of terrorism. It is "using a destructive act in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands" and "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion".

But maybe you fucksticks need more. Certainly I've heard a a bunch of talking heads whine about how this is "just a murder, not an act of terrorism according to the law".

So let's look at how the US federal law defines a terrorism:

(d) Definitions
As used in this section—
(1) the term “international terrorism” means terrorism involving citizens or the territory of more than 1 country;
(2) the term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents;
(3) the term “terrorist group” means any group, or which has significant subgroups which practice, international terrorism;
(4) the terms “territory” and “territory of the country” mean the land, waters, and airspace of the country; and
(5) the terms “terrorist sanctuary” and “sanctuary” mean an area in the territory of the country—
(A) that is used by a terrorist or terrorist organization—
(i) to carry out terrorist activities, including training, fundraising, financing, and recruitment; or
(ii) as a transit point; and
(B) the government of which expressly consents to, or with knowledge, allows, tolerates, or disregards such use of its territory and is not subject to a determination under—
(i) section 2405(j)(1)(A) of the Appendix to title 50;
(ii) section 2371 (a) of this title; or
(iii) section 2780 (d) of this title.

(bolds mine again)

Neither the legal nor the English definition of terrorism include phrases like scary Islamofascist or dark skinned foreigner. Terrorism is not a crime committed only by people of a certain race or ethnicity or religious persuasion (though if you can find an atheist terrorist group I'll eat my shoe). Terrorism is very simply an act of violence committed by a non governmental group or person in order to intimidate or coerce.

The person that killed Dr. Tiller is a terrorist. The groups that organize to terrorize doctors and nurses and clinic staff by publishing their addresses are terrorists. The people who recruit others into doing violence (I'm talking to you Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin) are terrorists. Eric Rudolf was a terrorist.
So was Timothy McVeigh. So are the right wing militia groups plotting to violently overthrow the government.

If you don't like being called a terrorist, then stop using or excusing or promoting acts of violence meant to intimidate or coerce the population into doing your will.

Monday, June 01, 2009

If they are really pro life

then why do they celebrate killers? Or threaten clinic workers. Or bomb clinics and shoot doctors and post home addresses so that other people can do violence?

If it is all about the babies, then why don't they adopt them? Or make sure that their are support services to make it easier for their moms to keep them, or advocate for universal health care so they can be born healthy?

If they aren't trying to control women's bodies, then why do they lie about birth control? Or rip out IUD's without consent? Or block access to clinics? Or eliminate funding for family planning? Or forbid even talking about abortion if you want governmental funding to deliver healthy babies?

Why do they treat children as a just punishment for having sex? If they love children so much, why would they want those children to be born to mothers that don't love them or can't care for them?

The bible, which most of these people claim to follow, says "Know them by their fruits".

Their fruits are rotten.

You cannot negotiate with people who are not acting in good faith. Lying about their goals by claiming to be pro life is bad faith. They aren't concerned with saving lives. Actually, without birth control and abortion the maternal death rate would sky rocket.

So why does our president keep giving credit to liars and terrorists when he says that abortion isn't really about a woman's right to control her own body?

Rest in peace Dr. Tiller. You were a braver person than most of us can ever hope to be. Your tragic end shows them for what they are, murderers and misogynists and terrorists.

We should not negotiate with terrorists. Why should we negotiate with them?