Saturday, July 05, 2008

For your amusement

A lovely little thing left in the comment mod by someone called "child of god"

god made man..satin made women...women are all evil by nature....hell is over flowing with the bitches...women turn mans heads away from gods will..and lead them into the use of seduction...and controll....women all love to be worshipede...that it self is evil..and agenst gods are to love one and are not to worship worship GOD!

You heard it here first kids. Satin made women. Shiny, silky, soft flowy satin made women. Does this mean I need to start calling my satin lingerie "Mommy"?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Patriotic Fervor Day in a Depressed Economy

Around this time of year, my neighborhood is usually awash in illegal fireworks. At any time of day or night, series of loud pops will stop us from whatever we are doing to play the time honored game of Firecrackers or Bullets.

It's annoying, and it terrifies the kid. We spend the week before and the week after July 4th all tense and cranky. Shoulders get stiff from tensing repeatedly throughout the day and I usually spend a good chunk of time hiding under a hot water bottle because of stress induced migraines.

But this year, it's quieter. There have only been a few games of Firecrackers or Bullets. People can't afford their annual explosives splurge when the price of gas to go out and buy them is painful. And there isn't any spending money anyways. Food prices are climbing while package sizes are shrinking. It may be the beginning of the month when even welfare recipients have some cash, but we've all been suffering through those last weeks of the month where we find a thousand and one creative ways to eat ramen noodles. Spending 20 bucks on fireworks means 2 days of hungry for a family (if that family can eat cheap).

They say it is going to get much worse here before it gets better. We already have Hoovervilles (some groups has started call them Nicklesville after our mayor) and the food banks have had to cut back because they can't afford the gas to go pick up supplies. More people are hungry and there are fewer programs to help that. So few that our governor just raised the income limits on the state food stamp program so more people will be fed. But they will end up in the same boat with the rest of us. A couple of flush weeks per month where you eat like normal people, and a couple where you spend your days dreaming of meals with all the food groups. And we haven't even hit the subprime bubble here yet. Oh it's coming, but not just yet. And when all those people lose their homes to foreclosure, those of us who could never afford to buy are going to see the all ready high rents skyrocket.

This year, I don't even want to waste the $3.00 in bus fare it would cost to drag the kid out to see fireworks. I don't want to sit on a muddy blanket and oh and ahh over the pretty colors while internally wondering how the fuck I am going to pay rent this month. I'm skipping it. It's hard to feel love for a country when you aren't sure how you're gonna feed and house your kid.

This year, Firecrackers or Bullets is more likely to be bullets. And this year, 4th of July tense and cranky isn't from over excited kids trying to blow off their own hands. It's from fear and struggle and worry.

So I am spending the night in. I am curling up with a trashy British spy show and hiding from the reckless drunk and revelry. I don't see a lot to celebrate in this country right now.

Well now we know what Obama's definition of "Some control" is.

And fuck you folks who keep throwing around Roe as an extortion threat. Your supreme leader is an ass, a sexist, and a forced pregnancy blowhard.

I had a late term abortion (24 weeks) for issues of mental distress. Obama doesn't think that's a good enough reason. Let's see, what did mental stress include for me.....

A still nursing 2 year old (thats why it was late term, I wasn't having a period at all), gripping poverty, 8 bucks an hour at a crappy job an hour and a half away with no health insurance or paid maternity leave, 600 bucks a month in child care for one child, no child support, an ex with a restraining order because he tried to kill me in a parking lot and 56 violations of that restraining order (with no jail time, not even one day), and the knowledge that my last pregnancy had nearly killed me and another could really do me in.

So this means war. If Obama wins the presidency, the Democratic party is ruined forever, and women in the entire country, regardless of their political views, are screwed.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dear Koolaid Drinkers

More proof that I was right all along.

Speaking with reporters, Obama disputed that he is altering views.

"I get tagged as being on the left and, when I simply describe what has been my position consistently, then suddenly people act surprised," he said. "But there hasn't been substantial shifts there."

Now will you all kindly go fuck yourselves. He ain't no progressive folk hero.

News you can use

Mostly from Shakes cause I'm lazy

Hurray! After 6 years in captivity, Ingrid Bettancourt is finally free.

Go Read Liss and Zuzu's fabulous two parter on Destroying Hillary in the Guardian
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Reason number 874 why I am writing a book about a teenage girl who gets pregnant and has an abortion- because if we were to go by the crap that counts as entertainment in this country you would think abortion never existed.

Slow Boiling Frogs

I've rewritten this post in my head about a zillion times now. It's one of those swirling ideas in my head that really needs more time to properly set up, but I'm impatient as all get out. So you get the raw brain bits.

I told Deek in one of our email spats that "I am the canary in the fucking coal mine" but that's not it exactly. The canary at least gets to die off early. Instead, I think that I (and quite a few angry Anti-Obama Dems) are the frogs that feel the hot water first. We're swimming around in a pot that looks like a jacuzzi and everytime we complain that the water just keeps getting hotter, the other frogs say "Get over it. Chilax. It's a jacuzzi baby. It's supposed to be warm".

Thing is, we still boil with the other frogs, even if we know it's coming.

Those distinctions that once made the Democratic Party better than the Republicans are gone. We say "hey, what about being the Big Tent Party. You can't be the Big Tent party if you're kicking people out for being working class or brown" and the other frogs say "Ahh we don't need them".

So we say "Hey we can't be the party of equality if we're insulting millions of women" and the other frogs say "Get over it you angry bitches".

We say "What about privacy and freedom" and the other frogs swallow hard and try to pretend like the FISA vote never happened.

Then we say "What about separation of Church and State?" and a few of the other frogs throw a tantrum thinking they've been had. But we didn't really think it was a surprise. The water's been getting pretty hot in here for awhile.

Obama's turning up the heat on the pot of water that is the Democratic Party. And we all boil together. We can leave the party, we can vote for someone else (or not at all) and we can hold our noses and vote for him. The result is still the same. We all boil together.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I wonder how they are taking it at the big Orange Cheetoh

Obama wants to expand Bush's faith based program funding.

Not a surprise to me. I never thought Obama was a progressive. Actually I've been calling him a Republican on economics for a long time. Now I have proof that he really is just a Black Republican.

I wonder how many back bends the Koolaid drinkers will have to do to make this policy fit in with their idea of Obama as the Great Progressive Uniter! THough they do think of him as a messiah. Perhaps faith based programs just continue the expansion of the cult.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Now I feel famous

Last week Redstar and I did an email interview with the Black Snob about my anti Obama feelings. She's got the post up now.

Go check it out. And peruse the Black Snob's site while you're at it. She funny and erudite with a good mix of pop culture and politics.