Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hang in there

As you know sometimes I post about progress and attitudes toward it. In that light I am linking to an article about inequality and health-care. It's more evidence that outdated thinking is leaving us with yesterdays solutions for today's problems:

Economic equality is best medicine
Health of societies mostly relies on political and economic policies, not the individual treatment of disease

Please note that I commented on their blog under wsdeek. Yeah, I'm a pinko, commie.

In any case, hang in there. We ARE smarter than everyone else. It takes some people longer to catch on.

Humans are weak

Can't stop laughing. Hahahahahahahahahah!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

$6 for free and fair federally funded elections

Via via via....

For just $6 per person the feds could completely fund election campaigns. Imagine a world where your campaign messages are not brought to you by ADM or Rupert Murdoch, where people don't have to be well connected or well financed to run for office, where corporate big wigs and wealthy mucky mucks don't get to demand quid pro quo from elected officials because they got them in office.

I'm in- where the hell do I send my $6?

I couldn't forget the big fat virtual cookie!

If any of you can figure this one out- you get major cool points in addition to the giant virtual cookie.

This singer died tragically while swimming in the French Riviera with her kids. A speedboat was racing by and she pushed her kids to safety but got decapitated in the process. Morrissey thought she had the voice of an angel- I think she's much better (and more naughty minded) than an angel.

I once met a man with a sense of adventure
He was dressed to thrill wherever he went
He said "Let's make love on a mountain top
Under the stars on a big hard rock"

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What do we with cars?

The automobile, more than anything else, represents the American way of life. No culture comes close to utilizing cars as much as we do. Without the car, our landscapes, physical and virtual would be much different. The car shapes politics, race relations and gender equality, among toher things. Without the car, our suburbs would be much smaller, as would their influence over who gets elected. 'White Flight' would not have been possible without the auto. Women, who still do the majority of child-rearing, in many places cannot live without the cars to ferry kids to and fro, keep track of offspring and otherwise care for their broods (yeah, we're getting medieval here). Fathers buy their daughters cars because they fear for their safety on the bus. And yes, women can work hours in more remote locations they would not be able to without the safety of the automobile. No, I am not blaming women for our car culture, just acknowledging that women still have to fear attacks by men whereever women choose to live or work.

But, (you knew the 'but' was coming), the freedoms that cars give us must be paid for somehow. Automobiles make us more isolated, ruin the environment and contribute to unhealthy lifestyles. Yes, some of us have woken to the damage of our automobile culture, but most speak of finding replacement for fossil fuels rather than replacing the auto as a essential part of our lifes. Remember cars cause much more than air pollution (to which they are the major contributor). Roads destroy natural habitats, runoff from roads and parking lots kill all types of water-based organisms and the sprawl that cars foments further damage.

More and more communities are now aware of the consequences; expect parking to become much more expensive as cities realize how much parking lots really cost. But the majority of Americans remain oblivious to what the car does both to society and the environment. Eventually, however, reality must be seen for what it is. You heard it here first: our current automobile-based lifestyle is unsustainable!

But what are the alternatives? Do only the rich get to drive? How do we replace the present system of distrubution? What about commuting? And yes, how do we ensure the saftey of womem and children? These are all questions better asked and addressed sooner than later. Any suggestions?

Because salacious sells

So there is this huge debate going on in the feminist blogosphere. It started at Twisty's and has hopschotched all fricken over. I weighed in at Twisty's originally and then got caught in the "holy fuck I have to work 18 hours a day for the next month" mode and didn't realize it had become such a big fucking deal.

What is the big fucking deal about?

Blow jobs. Or specifically, whether or not the act of delivering a blow job is an act of submission and humiliation to the patriarchy.

Those of you who know me in real life know that I am one of the most outspoken supporters of any act designed to lead to orgasm, and my blow job skills are legendary. I do not consider it an act of submission as long as I get to choose to do it. And I get a big fucking sense of power in getting anyone- male or female- off. It's not a submissive thing at all to make another person's knees shake and head explode. It is not a submissive act to willingly hold someone's most sensitive parts between your teeth. And anyone who doesn't understand the power received by giving someone else an orgasm is a selfish lover who I would never let in my bed. I wouldn't be insulted by someone yelling "fuck yeah" and giving me a high five after they had just given me the be-all-end-all-multiple- multiples orgasm (someday I'll tell ya all about why I call it going to Switzerland- but another time). They should feel fucking awesome.

And I feel the same way about blow jobs. If I can make someone fall at my feet and stutter incoherently for a good long time afterwards- I feel fucking awesome.

This is not to say it is a requirement, but I would never fuck a guy who isn't willing to go down on me with enthusiasm regularly. Some guys don't enjoy blow jobs. Some girls have horrible experiences of being forced to gag on a cock when they didn't want to. Neither one should be required to do something that gives them no pleasure and no one should ever do it because they think they fucking have to. But I will be damned if someone is going to tell me that I shouldn't like sex or a sex act because I am a girl. Whether they mean to or not- the anti-blow job brigade is just as much a tool of the fucking patriarchy as the anti- sex before marriage people. It's just one more excuse to make girls feel bad about doing something they might fucking enjoy.

Yeah- I wrote fucking a lot in this post. I really hate it when people tell me what I should or shouldn't be doing for pleasure. Asswipes.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hell- I could have told you that!

Migraines linked to higher sex drives

For those of us who suffer from migraines- this is going to seem like a big fat duh moment. I have the libido of an 18 year old boy and get migraines almost as often as I think about sex (fortunately- the migraines don't seem to be a pavlovian response to thinking about sex).

Monday, June 19, 2006

Busy busy girl

I know you all are missing my erudite posting and snarky comments. Sorry, but the royal coffers are in despair and it is up to the monarch to go whore herself for cash (no actual whoring mind you, but you catch the drift).

Posting will be much more sporadic for a while unless one of our lovely contributors has the time to take up the slack. Hopefully the sad state of the coffers will be rectified shortly and I can go back to working very little and posting very frequently. I wonder how people with real jobs ever manage? I guess I am about to find out. Yuck.

So until next time my little chickadees..........