Saturday, December 17, 2011

This shit is what I mean when I say I hate Volunteerism- Butchy Feminist Mom edition

Like there's any other version of me besides Bitchy Feminist Mom.

Fair warning- links to Jezebel.

Women, mothers in particular, but women generally, are the people expected to fill the hole when the state fails. And the state fails when it comes to educating children All.The.Fucking.Time.

So if you have a child, you're all ready familiar with the barrage of (3rd shift?) work, called "volunteering", that's required (not so voluntary- is it). When kid was still in public elementary school it was the annual fundraising auction that raised enough money to keep class sizes small. Think about that. Parents, mostly mothers, performing enough unpaid work and donating enough hard earned dollars to do a thing that education experts have been saying since time began is necessary to properly educate children. There are also the "harass your friends, neighbors and coworker" campaigns of selling popcorn or cookies or candybars or wrapping paper. And then there's the "make something for the bake sale, arts and crafts fair, auction" where it's again women's labor, time and cash required to fill a hole left by the state.


You will notice, in the link above, that no one is chastising dads for bringing store bought cookies. On the few occasions I've seen dads show up to these things, they are heaped with fawning praise and batted eyelashes for doing the same, or less, than the women have by the same women who've done the fucking work.


Now for the historical. You know why the nuclear family became the ideal instead of inter-generational families or matriarchal families or any of the other thousand versions of families that exist. Nuclear families leave the ladies free to volunteer their unpaid labor when the men are around to get paid. Period. Unpaid labor is required for a functional capitalist society (cause let's be honest- a good fucking giant portion of the labor that is paid isn't necessary to society. Making copies and mastering spreadsheets doesn't do a god damn thing for society. If it did, it would be paid at the same levels that daycare workers and CNAs make).


So when some deluded little shitface whines about mothers not making cookies from scratch to fill the state shaped hole left at her kid's elementary school- IT'S THE FUCKING PATRIARCHY using that deluded little shit face like a puppet.

And fuck her for letting it. No- I don't have to be nice about that. She gets all the little head pats she wants form the patriarchy all ready.

Just FYI- it ain't no joke that unpaid internships are becoming a giant drain on society. Once the kyriarchy has mastered getting half the population to do for free the necessary jobs to maintain society, what's to keep you white, middle class, middling boys from the same fate? Free labor is good for the bottom line, after all. This shit is all related and it all comes from the same rotting sewage dump of OPPRESSION! If any one of us and out labor is not considered worthwhile, then all of our labor can be considered worthwhile. No one is safe unless they have the money to buy their way out. If you're reading this- you don't have that kind of money and you never ever will.