Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Desperate Times and All That

Not me- but the Box Car Kids. Single mom, bunch of kids and pets who've lived the last couple of years smushed in a tiny trailer together. She took a part-time job with the hope of turning into full-time, which made her no longer eligible for unemployment when the job went away.

So if you need a writer/editor/cat bed/whatever- or know someone who does- pass it on.

And/or if you've got it to spare, throw some cash in the donation box.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Oh Shit- I have a Blog!

I know, I know. It's been forever. I used to wonder who these people were who went weeks without blogging. Now I can't remember how I ever had the umph to do it on a daily basis. I am tired, y'all. And the stupid fibro is extra fucking stupid at the moment. I took a cab home from work today because I didn't want to cry on the 2 block walk to the bus stop, and my arms ache like I've been lifting weights all day when all I did was type.

Of all the diseases- this has to be one of the stupider ones. At least cancer has immortal cells that refuse to die when they're supposed to. It's a bad, horrid fucking disease, not doubt about it. But the science of cancer is interesting. (Seriously- no "programmed cell death". That's what cancer is. Cells that refuse to die when they get old.) But fibromyalgia is just straight up stupid.It might be lack of sleep. It might be childhood trauma has fucked all your pain neurons. It might be that you're just a big whiney whiner- now take some advil and you'll feel better. (Note- that last sentence is a lie. Like the commercial says "My pain is real". Ugh)

So how about some awesome links instead?

Canadia-land discovers that giving people a guaranteed income (what some have called a mandatory minimum income) lowers hospital visits by 8.5 percent. I know you all are shocked, shocked that alleviating the worst effects of poverty would have a beneficial result on health. Shocked.

Do you need decent ammunition to throw at shitty evo-psyche fuckers when they claim that all men are biologically programmed to be violent, rapey shitfaces? Read this. It's probably the best explanation I've ever seen for where sexism originally comes from (though dude- it wasn't brute strength that got men behind the plow. It was women having these leech type attachments stuck to our bodies through early childhood. Can't drive the oxen and harangue the children at the same time). Note the the link takes you to an excerpt at Feminist Philosophers. The full text (which is worth the read)is at Psychology Today, and they've done enough shitty things (like the whole "black women are less attractive" bullshit) that I won't link directly.

Aeryl, darling woman that she is, sent me an email

that OMG Buffy is

SPOILER ALERT...................

preggers and having

SPOILER ALERT......................

Still spoiling.......

AN ABORTION!!!! Fuck yeah Joss Whedon for that. More again at Feminist Philosophers

Also Washington State is about a week from legalizing gay marriage. We're just waiting for the governor to sign. Now the fuckwad biggots will of course try to pass an initiative or referendum to overturn that. It will probably be on the ballot in November. Which may get me to go out an vote. Not for Obama (fuck him. I didn't vote for him last time and I sure as hell am not voting for him when I've been proven right about who he is). But I can't in good conscious sit by while and let douchenoodles vote against people's human right to marry the person they love. Even if I am not sure that marriage is a good thing, because we should all just get access to healthcare,etc. without having to couple up to do it.