Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What Would You Do If You Got $6500 For Every Person In Your Household

That's how much money the Banksters are getting from qualitative easing.  Enough for every single man, woman, and child would get if we had the same access to government money as the crooks and thieves in the tacky suits.

That's enough money to pay my rent, electricity, internet, and cell phone bill for an entire year.

Or enough to finish all of the Kid's dental work (one more root canal and crown. 2 wisdom teeth extractions) except for orthodontia for his "vampire tooth" and make a reasonable start on my own dental needs. (I need multiple root canals/crowns, extractions and implants).Plus pay a lingering bill for my IUD (GAH IF ONLY I COULD HAVE WAITED 6 MONTHS I WOULD NOT HAVE THIS BILL).

Or enough to......?

If you put money into the hands of people who are desperate to spend it, you get the economy going. My landlord would benefit. So would Comcast, Tmobile and Seattle City Light. Or the small business that is my dentist would profit. Etc, etc.

But giving debt relief to the banksters only, that tiny one percent of one percent, will never work as an anti-depressant. They simply don't have the purchasing power (or purchasing need) of the hundreds of millions of us who don't belong at the top of the pyramid.