Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fuck the Police

Yep, that's the NYPD pepper spraying a bunch of women who are peacefully protesting as part of Occupy Wall Street.

The elites always use "law and order" as a form of violence when their supremacy is threatened. Always. It's in the fucking playbook.

It's gauche, man, gauche

Capitalism, that is. It's rude and crude and as disgusting as chewing gum stuck to the bottom of a table.

(And btw, Oscar Wilde's mum was an Irish Republican- the only good kind of Republican)

Friday, September 23, 2011

One more time for Aeryl

Maybe the gods on internet pic posting will smile on us now

Happy Birthday Aeryl

I was too tired to bake you a cake, so I got you this
beefcake instead.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Raise your hand

( trigger warnings all the fuck over)

 if you're tired of state sanctioned murder

if you're tired of state sanctioned murder

if you're tired of state sanctioned murder

if you're tired of state sanctioned murder

if you're tired of state sanctioned murder

I could keep going, but I am upset enough over Troy Davis. I cried as soon as I got home last night. I kept crying till it was time to go to bed. I am sad and angry and disgusted.

How does she get out of doing it?

Lately I've been seeing posters all over Paris for 'Comment Font Les Femmes?', a movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker which English title must be 'How the Fuck Does She Do It?' or 'What the Hell is She Smoking?' or 'Hey Rocky, Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat.' On the poster figures Parker as a perfectly-coiffed and attired, smooth-skinned, tightly-smiling seething coiled snake and a list of tasks which she must accomplish by sundown or everyone will hate her forever. I am guessing the movie is about one woman's search for the word 'NO.'

NO is The most useful word anyone will ever learn. When you learn a foreign language learn NO first and leave yes for the advanced course. Use it liberally, shake it on your food like salt, use it to punctuate sentences. If you get tired of sounding like a toddler, mix it up with "Hell no," "Hells to the no," "Are you fucking kidding me" and "Clearly you have me confused with someone who gives a shit."

"Fuck You" should always be close at hand for stubborn situations. This pithy phrase enforces boundaries better than any Iron Curtain. Wildly underutilized by the competitive-mothering crowd, it will really drive the point home. Try it at your next PTA meeting and sit back and watch the fun.

When the situation really gets out of hand, do as I do and slide into a depressive torpor for three weeks to four months. This will clear your plate in a hurry. When it's over, those who love you will be glad to have you back, and those who don't will never bother you again.

Since the movie is a product of our seriously regressive era, I am guessing it does not end by Parker embracing her inner toddler, screaming NO NO NO and flinging spaghetti at the walls.

Oh,and am I free to see it tonight? Why... NO.

Monday, September 19, 2011

If all that was ever on was shows about monkeys

I've been thinking about how best to explain to the dudely types just what it's like when all media is filtered through a lens you don't have.

Imagine that every single damn tv show was a show about monkeys. Ok, not every. But the shows that manged to show something other than monkeys all did so from a "stupid humans, look at them with their stupid, petty shallow ways" or you know, from the monkeys' point of view. It's the market, they are just making what people monkeys want.

And not just the tv shows, but the movies we all Monkeys in Space! Monkeys VS Giant Monsters! Monkeys, and the occasional bone thrown "relentlessly perky, young, single human must be humiliated and humbled in order to find perfect monkey love" aka, the romantic comedy. It's still the market. They're still making what the market wants.

But it doesn't end there. The news is all made by monkeys, but under the guise of "journalism" the news is supposed to be the truth for everyone, monkey and non-monkey. The fact that most of the writers are literal chimps with typewriters shouldn't make you question why most of the headlines are "stupid humans do something stupidly, again".This is journalism and it is TRUTH!

And then there's science, we all know that science is unbiased. I mean it's all done by monkeys for monkeys. The idea that humans might have a different take on say the importance of the banana as currency or why flea picking feels so damn good or has no place in science. It's TRUTH.

And we haven't even gotten to literature, politics, education, workplace policies.We're just talking about who gets to send out the messages that everybody hears. Sure, maybe there are a handful of token non-monkeys who get to say something, but by nature of being tokens they are usually just spouting the monkey line.

Now if you live in a world like that, wouldn't you want to turn of the tv, stop reading the paper, and choose your movies really damn carefully. Wouldn't you just want to puke because the new fall season is nothing but fucking nature shows.

(You can, as usual, substitute the humans in this little analogy for every single damn oppressed group. While how those oppressions color the world we see work differently in each group, how the oppressors control access to the message everyone receives is pretty damn universal.)