Thursday, March 05, 2009

Could this mean more good news is on the way?

Sanjay Gupta, fat-hater, misogynist, and private insurance cheerleader will not be surgeon general!


Now can we please please please get a single payer advocate? Pretty please with sugar on top, and a cherry?

Or can we lobby Obama to re-appoint the most kickass Surgeon General in the history of the country.

Dear Pope Ratzi

If you keep excommunicating everyone that disagrees with you, then all you'll have left is a church membership made up entirely of pedophiles.

And that's okay with me, cause then we'd all know to who to avoid.

But in the mean time, please tell me how Christ would think it's okay to forgive the rapist but that the child he raped should suffer either excommunication or death because her 9 year old uterus is too small to carry one baby, let alone two?

And to all the folks about to be excommunicated for helping this poor kid out, I invite you to join my soon to be created "Church of the Real" where we believe lives of real living people are more important than the ideas of blowhard misogynists. There will be cookies instead of stale wafers, vodka tonics instead of church wine, and we don't give up shit for lent but will still party at carnival.

The pot that boils over

First- thanks to everyone for their kind words yesterday. It helps.

But I am a wee bit of a fraud. I know that the Kid needs to know his dad on his own terms, but......

I had forgotten how angry I am at his father. And there are so many horrible things that I can't tell the kid about that are dangerous, terrifying, unspeakable. Things I have never even told a therapist. Those dark little secrets that we push to the back of our mind and try to pretend never happened, try to talk ourselves out of admitting. And it's all rushing back right now, boiling up so that it takes every ounce of energy to contain it. And I'm failing to contain it. Vicious little remarks about the Kid's dad keep escaping my lips, and the Kid is avoiding the topic cause I'm pretty sure he can sense that his mom is about to blow. Just typing these two tiny paragraphs has taken forever. I have to pause and dig my nails into my palms to keep from sobbing or screaming at my desk.

So how do I let the Kid make his own choice when every fiber of my being is screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"? I don't think the Asshat would hurt the Kid in the same ways he has hurt me. I think he would stick to simple neglect with the Kid, while I got the violence and the stalking and the stuff I can't talk about. But how can he really know his father without knowing that? Ughhhhh. Most of me wants to grab the kid and take a whatever bus is at greyhound right now and leave, which is exactly what I did 12 years ago after being stalked by the asshat for almost a year.

Anyways, that's the state of mind I'm in right now. And since i have always been proactive when it comes to this shit I have an appointment first thing Monday to find a therapist who specializes in domestic violence trauma.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Das Capital!

Socialism is really happening because there has never been anything else but this form of wealth production. If it was not there, if all you could you see was markets and bankers, this was because its very fact was obscured by neoliberal nonsense. All one had to do was look at, say, cotton subsidies in the US to see that even under Bush, even during the economic boom of the mid 00s, socialism was alive and well.

The real question is do we want socialism for the rich or for everyone?

Me, I'm a hybrid kind of gal. I like shiny shoes and cheap computers. But I also like making sure everyone is fed, housed, educated and treated by doctors. I don't think we should have to give up shiny shoes to get universal health care. If you listen to the rethuglikans and their tea party protests you would think that very shortly we will be living in Soviet style apartments and only have shoes for our left foot (has everyone heard the story about the Soviet shoe factory that couldn't respond to market pressures because it was part of a communist economy or have I just had that story crammed down my throat by free market blowhards more often than most?).

I am not generally a fuzzy brained idealist on the topic of human behavior. I believe that people act in their own self interest most of the time. I think that it is the government's place to moderate the extremes of that. People should not be allowed to be too rich or too poor. A worker should expect that any job will pay for the basic necessities of life, but no job should give you enough wealth to topple an entire economy. Basically, I think the government is there to act as our better angel and force us to practice enlightened self-interest, or the idea that if we don't take care of the bottom and control the top that our society will fail (For proof ask the Spartans, the Athenians, the Romans or any other "great society" that eventually failed when stratification became to much. Shit, ask the Mayans too.)

But what I really want to know is, now that Marx will be replacing Che Gueverra (murderous, sexist fuckwad) on the t-shirts of the all the young newbs of the progressive front, can some love for Antonio Gramsci be far behind?
Gramsci says "It would be a horribly ironic joke on my theory of cultural hegemony if my face was plastered on the mass marketed t-shirts of the youth"

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh fucking typical

So the Kid had his first meeting with his asshat of a father today since he was a year old. I set it up so that his school counselor would supervise the visit (when asshat and i split up, the judge ordered that asshat ONLY have supervised visits).

I need to bitch here cause I have to put on the nice face for the Kid.

Asshat hasn't paid child support this month (or last month, or most of the last 13 years). He owes 40k in back child support. In the last 13 years I could have popped out more babies, but being a rational adult with one child already and not enough money, I didn't. Asshat- not quite so rational. It turns out the kid has 3 siblings. Which would be fine, if asshat were supporting the Kid. But...........

It turns out he's like some bad joke defendant on Judge Judy.

And to make it worse, just like I thought he would, Asshat comes bearing gifts for the Kid that do nothing towards feeding, housing or clothing him. But it makes asshat look good in front of the kid. I have to be the jerk mom who says "No you can't have all your friends over for birthday dinner because we can't afford a party" or "I know your shoes are falling to pieces, can you wear the ones that hurt your feet for a couple of weeks till I can fix it" of "Dude that box of rice crispies has to last an entire week. Stop eating them all".

So I sent a nasty email to asshat. It was a spur of the moment, shitty thing to do. But fuck I am pissed. Here's what it said with Kid's name redacted.

Were you planning on paying child support anytime in the near future or should I tell Kid you can't because your other kids are more important?

One target card does not feed or house him. But it does make you feel better. Not exactly the kind of dad Kid deserves.

I wish I could afford a bottle of vodka, cause today is totally a shot drinking day.

If you had 3 minutes

with Rahm Emanuel, what would you say?

Me? I'd say people first, bankers last. I'd say housing, education, health care. And I'd just keep repeating myself over and over until it stuck in his head like a Journey song.

Mind over what really matters

Obama is going to overturn the horrible HHS conscience clause that Bush enacted shortly before leaving a flaming reenactment of Rome under Nero the White House. But not completely.
The Bad News: Team Obama reportedly does not want to jettison the idea of a conscience clause altogether

The problem with a conscious clause is that it makes one person's opinion more important than another person's health. It's kinda the opposite of the idea of free speech. Free speech is the idea that you can have any opinion that you want, and you can say anything that you want, but you cannot cause another person physical harm to do so. It's why yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is illegal.

But perhaps the only way to show rethuglikans and forced pregnancy blow hards that a conscious clause is a really bad idea is to offer up some examples of how this could go badly for them:

Example 1) Let's pretend I am the only pharmacist in a small rural town. I am also a eco-warrior who believes that overpopulation is killing the earth. And this woman comes into my store with her 19th pregnancy. Can I refuse to to provide her with pre-natal vitamins because I believe she should have used birth control or had an abortion instead of killing the earth with more babies?

Example 2) I am a receptionist for a GP and this man and his doctor have decided that the man should have a gastric bypass. I am a firm believer in HAES and fat acceptance and I believe it is both cruel and negligent to perform surgery on someone simply because they don't look like a model. Will I get fired if I refuse to submit the referral to a bariatric surgeon?

Example 3) I am a bleeding heart feminazi drug addiction counselor and this man has enrolled in a 28 day program at my clinic to kick a drug addiction. Can I refuse to treat him because as a feminazi straw woman I believe that all men are rapists and he should be left to stew in his own addle brained morass?

People's ability to get the care they need is more important than the opinions of other people. Period. If dispensing birth control is against your beliefs, don't be a pharmacist (or a nurse who pulls out IUDs for fun. Your freedom of speech ends where someone else's body starts. And you wouldn't want it any other way, or someone like me might refuse to give you treatment for a reason you find unbelievably stupid.

Monday, March 02, 2009

For your viewing pleasure

I'm still wrestling with a bout of the doldrums. In the meantime enjoy these lovely literal versions of videos

First- a bit of RQ life history. I once won tickets to see TMBG in concert because I sang the original version of this song on the radio.

Is it wrong that I still totally love Tears for Fears?