Saturday, April 09, 2011

Give them the feedback they deserve

The Democratic Party sent out a wee survey to the faithful today- Tell
us what you think was the email title, I believe. So I told them what
I think of the tacky little men in their tacky blue suits who spend
their days selling out the bottom 80% to the kleptocrats. If you're
still on the party's mailing list, I suggest you do the same. It's a
great exercise in venting, if nothing else.

Self-fulfilling Politics

Andrew McCarthy has a decent piece up at Echidne about Obama's lack of
a moral core. He writes that he can't imagine that if Obama was faced
with the choice of demanding the troops be intergrated, he can't see
Obama making it, putting Obama to the right of Eisenhower. But then he
makes the same lesser of 2 evils mistake and says he will probably
vote for Obama in 2012 anyways. That is why we have evil and
compassionate-substitute (like splenda) evil. This coountry is locked
into the mindset that there are only 2 views on politics, 2 views on
economics when there would be riots in the streets if we only had 2
types of breakfast cereal to choose from. But we won't have better
choices if we don't make better choices. Yes, you'll have to give up
the thrill of the horse race because by choosing a better, non-legacy
party candidate there will be no nail-biting waiting to see if your
candidate won, at least not at first. But when parties are only a few
percentage points from each other, those better votes matter.

Friday, April 08, 2011

17 arrested trying to storm the governor's office

Here in good old Washington state. Seiu organized a protest in Olympia
against the seriously draconian budget cuts made by Democrat Gov.
Gregoire. If I had a car, or even a couple of bus tickets, I'd be
there too. But it ain't just repubifucker politicians getting the
protest treatment anymore, and that is a damn fine thing.

Planned Parenthood Stories

Since Republifuckers are so damned determined to lie about what Planned Parenthood does, and since so many of us have used their services, I think we should tell our stories. So here's one (of many) that I have. When I was a wee unmarried lass of 19 I confirmed that I was pregnant for 10 bucks at PP. But I didn't just pee in a cup. They did a full exam and and then gently asked me if I knew what my options were. I knew from the second I thought I might be up the stick that I was keeping the kid. When I told the doc, she didn't lecture me about my age or state of non-marriage (as other doctors and nurses would later). She gave me information on how to apply for medicaid, including the actual forms, so I could get prenatal care straight away and she gave me a paper prooving a positive pregnancy test result to include with the forms. At the bottom she scrawled 'Elizabeth has decided to parent'. And that is the moment where I realized the enormity of the CHOICE I made to parent the Kid. I decided to parent.

The most awfulest time of the month

It's that painful, nauseous, feverish, messiest craptastic time of the
month. My fucking periods, aka the communist invasion, are a large
part of te reason I have to take double doses of iron everyday. My doc
thinks that, if all looks normal on a yet to be scheduled internal
ultrasound (can they turn down the lights and add some buzzing action
to those things?) then mirena might be a good idea. And since the
republifuckers are hell bent on killing women's reproductive rights,
birth control that lasts me 5 years sounds like a damn fine
investment. It's either that or a hysterectomy, which I'm not mentally
ready for yet. So peeps, anyone else with a little mirena experience?
Good bad or ugly? I just don't think I can take losing another week
per month to the red army for much longer, (yes, a solid week, plus a
week of painful crampy pms before hand and metzelspritz when I
ovulate. So I really only get one non-ovary affected week per month).

Thursday, April 07, 2011

You might be a gatekeeper if

I've noticed the term 'gatekeeper' pop up in a couple of places
recently and damn if that doesn't just curl my toes in joy. I think
the world would be a much happier place if we learned to snarl
'Gatekeeper' with disdain in our hearts whenever someone acts
gatekeepery. The first thing to understand about gatekeeping is that
they (we) are the underpaid security gaurds to the powerful, and the
way you recognize a security guard is by the uniform.. There's a
reason any kind of anti-oppression activist has a well-practiced eye
roll for the 10,000th time they've heard the same tired-ass arguement
for why oprressing person X is okay because blah blah. Uniformity,
lack of critical thought, are the main tools of the power structure.
If you have ever found yourself using the sentence structure if/then
relating to an oppressed group, then you are a gatekeeper. If girls
don't want to be raped then they shouldn't wear short skirts. If black
kids spent more time reading books then they would go to college. Etc.

Religious godbags are assholes everywhere

I'm sure you've all read about the deaths of UN workers in Afghanistan
at the hands of protesters rioting because of the megadouchenoodle in
florida who burned the koran 6 months ago. Like I said back then,
assholes who burn books NEVER come off well in the history books. Shit
it's 2000 years later and we still talk about the burning of the
library at Alexandria. But then there's the murder of the UN workers,
none of whom had anything to do with the Florida stunt. Now I can
understand self-defense against an imperialist force, but if reports
are true this was a 'my god's bloodier than your god' spectacle over a
freaking book. And both sides push me a little further towards atheism
because who the fuck would want to worship either of their gods.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hey Twitter How About Payin your f*cking taxes instead of being douchebags

That whole line is going to show up in my twitter now. Twitter, with
Google-like pretentions of not being evil, is going to fuck San
francisco out of the taxes it is suppose to pay or it's gonna take its
ball o' profit to the suburbs. Here's the thing, the world would need
a lot less alturism if companies like Twitter and GE just paid their
fucking fair share of taxes. But they don't. So I don't fucking care
how bright and shiny and new media and alturistic or not evil a
company claims to be, if they won't pay their fair share of taxes then
they shouldn't be allowed to operate.

If we compared our lives to those of the rich we'd die of heartbreak

That's a quote from a mcclatchey piece shared in google reader about
wealth disparity in china, but it applies here too. The Chinese
solution is to ban billboards with words like luxury in them, so the
poor can't see how the rich spend their money. Our politicians'
solution is to never ever talk about the class warfare that's
happening right now. They are part of the warmongering upper class,
after all. It would be imprudent to give away their strategy. But we
still know the war is on. We've been economic fodder for the last 30

wednesday morning growl fest

So it's April and in this region we average maybe 2 inches of snow per
year, but it fucking snowed last night just north of here. So it's
freezing which makes me extra hurty. And I have to go to yet another
fucking interview for this damn apartment. I think I'd have an easier
time getting into the cia. Fucking fuck. And I'm super pmsy, which
means I sobbed over an email this morning. Fuck. Let's share the
misery. How awful is your Wednesday?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The first rule of democracy is...

Michele's rule of oligarchy, which is basically this: any democratic
system will eventually turn into oligarchy as elites create rules and
systems that keep them elite. Now think about how many of our law
makers, judges, and government executives come from the elite class
and tell me if we live in a democracy or an oligarchy? Tell me why,
when there's something like 1 job for every 32 job seekers, our
congress and president are focused on deficit reduction and austerity
(making more job seekers through government lay offs) and not job
creation? Tell me why it's important that we only 'fight for
democracy' in oil rich countries?
I really do think we'd be more democratic if we pulled social security
numbers out of a hat instead of holding sham elections that merely
'rotate the elite' as an old poly sci proff was fond of saying.

Wouldn't it be funny

and I mean actually belly laugh ha ha funny, not funny weird funny, if
the best thing to happen to non-legacy parties is Barack Obama?
Even if it's not- I'M OUT. Decidedly, unequivocably, can't be guilted,
harrased or abused back in, out. Now what the fuckity fuck am I Gonna
do with all the free time I'll have during this election season since
I won't need to be an unpaid gate keeper for the kleptocracy's faux
voting matters plan? Suggestions?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Hold on to yer panties ladies, it's re-election season!

Oh yay, multiple spammy emails from the Obama campaign. I can't
fucking wait. Once you get over the idea that Obama in particular and
the Democratic party in general are the liberal/left party and realize
they're just better used car salesman for the kleptocracy, watching
the Obama fan base twist every negative, Bush-like action Obama takes
into some kinda '12 dimensional chess' positive is actually kinda
funny (as long as you can disconect from the real world implications
of those policies, like torture, imperialsm, disemployment, poverty,
sexism and on and on). I am going to start calling our dear leader
'Barack HOOVER Obama' since it turns out that my 2008 primary
predictions about his economic prowess we not, sadly, hyperbole.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Those numbers seem funny

Blue Lyon has a great post up called 'employed but not getting by'
about living wages,etc. In it she uses the most recent census
calculation for the percentage of people who live in poverty, 14.6% is
the amount I believe. But (and I'm not criticizing Blue Lyon's
research, but the census numbers) I'm pretty sure that we were at 17%
in 2007 or earlier. So either my brain is fuzzy (entirely possible) or
at the same exact time that we have record levels of disemployment,
shrinking wages and what little work is available is part-time, we've
also managed to cut poverty by almost 3%. That's a fucking
miracle.That might even be better than Clinton's record on poverty
amelioration. (As I type this I'm also remembering an 11.5% or 35
million people being floated about that time period, which means a 3%
increase or 10 million new members of the lowest class).

Dear BBC:

All the British actors who can pull off a convincing American accent
are not working for you. They are on our tv shows, like Hugh Laurie,
or in our movies, like Kate Winslet. Every single time an actor does
an American accent in a BBC I want to puncture my eardrums. Either
hire better dialect coaches or hire actual Americans. And I know it
goes both ways. I think I speak for a huge swath of the American
public when I say express how very sorry we are for inflicting Gwenyth
Paltrow and he awfulness on you.