Thursday, November 30, 2006

In a state of delirium

I have a fever of 102.8. For those of you who don't know- anything over 101 in an adult is kinda scary cause our brains to have the expendy power that little kids brains do. So my brain cells may fry but since I got more of them than most people I figure I'm ok.

I gotta bitch about this letter in Salon, and since it's gonna either be a long ass bitch or an incoherant fever rant, I'm writing it here instead of there.

To paraphrase the original letter- 'I'm a boomer, I work with gen xers, they're cynical and I don't like them, wah fucking wah'.

Alright Boomers- get fucking over yourselves. Seriously and let's see why us Xer's might be a little tired of y'all.

Sure you got the civil rights ball rolling, but we're still fighting to get minority votes counted. Only difference is now you boomers are the ones being the political office holding pissheads.

Sure, you got us reproductive freedoms, but it's your same damn generation of justices and politicians and religious leaders that are trying to send us girls to the drycleaners for wire hangers.

Sure, because of you interracial marriages are now ok, but bring up gay marriage and even progressive boomers will tell you to drop it so we don't lose elections. Shhhhhhhhhh- we don't want too much freedom.

My generation faces lower real wages, higher debt levels, less access to education and healthcare, poor quality schools for our kids and no possible way of affording college for them (If I save 2x my annual income every year for the next 8 years I might have enough money to send the kiddo to 2 years of community college- no shit), and an environment that is quicky going to hell because of the boomer love of the SUV. We have no retirement possibilities. We're going to be taxed into extinction to support your social security and medicare. Those of us that were lucky enough to be able to afford to buy a house are already looking at massive foreclosures because the economy that most of us have to live in looks a lot less rosy for us than for you. Oh yeah- and you boomers in congress just yanked the bankruptcy rug out from underneath us (though it is good news for the new boyfriend who does bankruptcy law as part of his job- kaching).

So yeah, we're cynical and we see most of you as greedy hypocritical bastards. Stick that happy daisy in the end of your pipe and smoke it.

If anyone has something to say about punctuation or spelling errors they can smoke that too- 102.8 suckers. I'd like to see you string together something coherent at that temp.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Words may disappear...

I recently took part in a race discussion on the 'Newsweek' blog in relation to Michael Richards' blowout. Most of the comments were ignorant rants about white people not owing blacks anything and other attempts to deflect white guilt. Then there was this:

Posted By: White Man (11/28/2006 at 12:46:46 AM)

Comment: first i would like to say that there are exceptions to everything i say here. that being said. it's time for blacks to realize that NO other races like them. all other races seem to get along fine. the human races are like dogs, some are smart, some are dumb, some are weak, some are strong. blacks are similar to pit bulls, they (here in america) have been bread to be strong, not smart. people who associate/own them (pit bulls and blacks) usually end up finding they are alot more trouble than they are worth. blacks wake up, everyone is afraid to say it.. but we DON'T like you

I copied this immediately because something this racist will likely be taken down. I am going to write Newsweek to ask them to keep it posted. The world needs to know this.