Saturday, May 31, 2008

Your Democratic Party Hates You

At least they hate you if you're from one of those baddddd states like Florida and Michigan.

Outcome from the RBC:

Florida gets half votes. Florida Dems didn't set their own primary date (Republicans did) but in the Democratic party's quest to prove it is just as elitist as the Republican party, Florida got spanked.

Michigan also gets half votes. But.........
Since Obama took himself off the ballot, he gets not only the 55 uncommitted delegates but he also gets 4 of Hillary's delegates. Hillary has reserved her right to challenge the MI decision with the credentialing committee.

Who knew you could win presidential nominations by not putting yourself on the ballot?

Obama apparently. He's gotten rid of his competition in similar ways before.

Asking me to vote for Obama

is like asking a black person to vote for George Wallace.

Obama has made it clear with his every action that he disrespects women in every possible way. From the way he talks about us, to the way he uses misogyny to his advantage in the campaign. Now he's floating Jim Web as a possible VP candidate. Webb is a former Republican and well known woman hater. But he *might* shore up some of the white working class vote Obama can't win.

It would be one thing if Obama went the normal politician route and just ignored women. Plenty of politicians have. But he flat out HATES us. Yes, hates. Can't be bothered to learn our names or use respectful terms (sweetie), can't quite grasp that we should have full control of our own bodies. Doesn't want our votes (yet- wait till he remembers that 60% of the base have vaginas). And when he does remember, you can bet he's gonna use extortion and threats of supreme court nominees to drag women by their ovaries into the voting booth. Vote for Obama or your Democratic party will make sure you regret it.

So when I hear things like "let's remember the goal is a Democratic White House", I have to pause.

No, the goal for me is a world where I am considered a full human being. And voting for Obama is a step backwards from that goal. It is voting against my own best interest.

Since I cannot write Hillary in, and I cannot vote for McCain, I will vote for Cynthia McKinney.

That is not a threat. This is me, a rational and reasonable person who has voted straight Dem in every election since I came of age, voting in my own self interest as everyone should.

Saturday Music Blogging

Bill Withers- cause no one is cooler.

Use Me

Lovely Day

Ain't No Sunshine

Count The Votes Rally

Due to my tendency to sleep until late afternoon on Saturdays, I'm writing this now and throwing it into the the cue for tomorrow am.

Roxie, the most fabulous and erudite dog on the web is going to the rally with her human companions and promises to have pics and maybe live blogging.

Check her out, show her some love, and trolls beware- she bites.

Friday, May 30, 2008

An Idea for the RBC

Instead of playing banana republic games and disenfranchising two entire states, how about just stripping them of their super delegates.

The voters in both states had no control over when the primary was (and particularly in Florida where the Republicans in state government set the primary date). They should not be punished for the actions of the state parties. If you really feel the need to flex your muscles and prove your strength by punishing someone, punish the super Ds. They're political bigwigs with power. Not the average everyday voter who just wants their voice heard.

Just a thought. Though if you were really smart, you'd stop playing rule geeks long enough to realize you're behavior is going to cost us the election. But I don't hold much hope in that.

What's Wrong With the Democratic Party?

We've all been wondering "What the hell?". The party leadership has lost its mind and made rules that reward state party loyalty more important than the actual will of the voters. But that is just recently. The real downfall of the party started with Bill Clinton's election, and it wasn't Bill that was the problem.

First, a few bits of political theory.

Once upon a time there was a German-ish protege of Max Weber named Michel. Michel formulated a theory based on bureaucracy called Michel's Iron Law of Oligarchy. It states that all forms of organization, regardless of how democratic or autocratic they may be at the start, will eventually and inevitably develop into oligarchies.

But how, and why?

Even democracies are stratified. There is a top and a bottom. People with power like to keep it. In monarchies, they keep it through heredity. In democracies, they use bureaucratic rules, rules designed to make changing the power structure very difficult. (I can't remember who said it, but a professor was fond of quoting "I like democracy. I think we should rotate elites periodically")This is why it is so hard to pass public campaign funding.

So when Bill was first elected, there were a lot of old party Dems who were shocked, shocked that this yahoo from Arkansas managed to get to the highest office when their best and brightest had failed over and over and over and over. You might remember that the Dems in congress did such a lackluster job and fought Clinton on damn near everything in his first two years, that they lost the House for the first time in 40 years to Newt Gingrich of all people.

And then Clinton, despite sex scandals, congressional investigations, and even a law suit, managed to be easily re-elected while the Rethuglikans held onto the House.

And the old school Dems seethed. Bill (and Hillary) are populists. You know what populists do, they work for the people. You know what party elites do? Work for themselves.

So Gore ran in 2000 and didn't use the most popular president in decades in his campaign. Now I liked Gore, still do. But he still represents the old party elite, even coming from a famously political family.

And Gore lost. And then in 2002, the Dems lost the Senate.

Now rather than acknowledge that perhaps the "Liberal Elite" label might be turning off their working class base, the Dems clung to it. Fortunately for them, by 2006 Bush had done such a piss poor job of running the country that the people voted Dems back into power.

But nothing got better. The Dems are still happy with their elitist status and can't for a second imagine that it wasn't their strength but Rethuglikan weakness that gave them another chance. Since taking back power they have not: fixed the CHIP program, ended or defunded the Iraq war, done a damn thing on healthcare, or the economy, or the mortgage crisis, or No Child Left Behind, or oil prices, or product safety.

So the Whole Foods side of the Democratic party thinks they have won out over those damn populist hicks, the Clintons.

And, as per the Iron Law of Oligarchy, they are using the bureaucratic means of the Rules and Bylaws Committee to keep power. They would rather lose the next election to John McCain and keep their own power structure than see a populist like Clinton legitimize white southern democrats, Reagan democrats, and anybody else that the elites have been trying to write off since the Republicans put the Southern Strategy in place.

They truly believe that with the arugala eaters, and (notoriously lazy in their voting habits) college students and an African American populace that hasn't been promised a damn thing but really wants to see one of their own make it, that they can cut off the rest of us from influence and power- AND STILL WIN. HA!

That plan hasn't worked yet (See Kerry, Gore, Dukakis, Mondale, McGovern, Humphrey)but it has let the party elite pretend to the moral and/or intellectual high ground.

People, actual people, the people that make up this country, and their votes are more important than maintaining the power structure of the Democratic party. Hillary knows that. She's worked towards enfranchising more voters her entire political life. (And let's not forget the Bill is the reason for the Motor Voter Act).

When the Democratic party starts acting like the Rethuglikans over voters, then the Democratic party has succumbed to the Iron Rule of Oligarchy. And like my favorite president, Jefferson, said (paraphrased, natch) You need a revolution to keep the powers that be from becoming entrenched.

The party elites have made clear the party is no longer the Big Tent party. No working class whites, no Latinos, no women, no Asians, no poor, no uneducated, no southerners. No Michigan, no Florida. No popular vote count.

And that is a hell of a lot of people to start a revolution.

It's an honor to do my duty for the future Madam President

So I have been asked to do some blogging at the Hillary1000 website. I think my comments just became so prolific they decided to let me have my own space.

If you haven't checked out the H1K yet, you totally should. Redstar/ Hillary1000, Pocochina, and Donna Darko are some of my favorite writers. I feel a wee bit like a rockstar at the mo.

And btw trolls, Wordpress has much better anti-troll protection, so don't waste your time.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The definitive list- Pro Hillary

I'm tired of fighting Sweeties and stalker trolls, so I am making two definitive lists of 1) Why I am Pro Hillary an 2) Why I will not now, not ever, not under the pain of death vote for Obama. And in the future when either a sweetie or a troll tries to waste my time, I am simply pointing them here.

So let's start with why I love Hillary. And I mean love.

She (and Bill) got a ton of money and power and didn't forget where they came from. She laughs in the face of "poor" people like Maria Barteromo and Bill O'Reilly when they start whining about tax increases hurting "middle class" people like them. The only thing middle about either Barteromo or O'Reilly is their middling intelligence and Hillary has no problem calling them out on their hypocrisy. In other words- Hillary believes in a PROGRESSIVE TAX SYSTEM. Remember that? Surely when we had higher taxes during the 90's there must some proof that it hurt the economy severely? No, you mean we had the longest period of sustained growth in a century.

She has a long, and I mean long history of working to improve the lives of children, starting with her work for the Children's Defense Fund, her book It Takes A Village, etc. Also is a supporter of universal pre-k and expanding access to college education.

Has a long history of working for both equal rights for women and civil rights for everyone, (despite the current race baiting by the other side). She compiled the "Handbook on Legal rights for Arkansas Women".

Does not believe the voter disenfranchisement is a good campaign strategy. Also wants public financing of campaigns and same day voter registration and no oppressive voter ID requirements. She has always been a strong supporter of voting rights, including working to get the voting age lowered from 21 to 18 during the Vietnam draft.

She has always believed (since her thesis at Wellesley at least) in programs that help people directly, not programs that create bigger bureaucracies. As a person living in poverty, I know that more bureaucracy means more hoops that I have to jump though to get help and less money and resources going to actually help me.

She does not use the divide and conquer strategy of most political elites. Her plans include ways of helping everyone, the poor, the middle class, all races, and both sexes.

Has a solid history of working to better low income housing and to increase affordable home ownership. Also has a solid grip on the economics of the current housing foreclosure crisis and is willing to fight for the homeowners instead of the banks by placing a temporary moratorium on foreclosures.

Is probably the single most experienced politician in the country today working on universal healthcare and has the best plan to create it.

She is not only anti-NAFTA (and has been since 92) but also wants to do away with the Bretton Woods compact. (Bretton Woods being the thing that gave us the IMF and the World Bank) in favor of a system that actually deals with the problems of a global economy instead of creating them. Also voted no on CAFTA.

Wants to eliminate tax breaks for companies that do business in the US but move their production overseas.

Is pro-choice, unquestionably and has the record to prove it.

Wants to make Big Oil fund alternative energy research and wants to invest in alternative energy jobs that can't be outsourced. Will ratify Kyoto agreement and expand public transportation funding.

This post could go on forever. She has so many years of experience in all the important things and I don't have a lifetime to type it up.

Mostly, I love Hillary because she is the strongest person I have ever seen in the political arena. She can take any kind of personal insult, humiliation, and hurt and still go on day after day after day fighting for the rest of us. She has the compassion of Eleanor Roosevelt, the pragmatic, energetic optimism of Franklin Roosevelt, the moral fortitude of Lincoln and strength of a mythological hero.

Hillary isn't an "Us and Them" candidate. She believes in all of us, and she will fight for all of us.

And that is what I love about her. I know she really does care about people like me, and not just when election year rolls around.

What A Real Post- Feminist Society Would Look Like

Over on the Online Zenana post, Carissa asked "I just wish someone could explain to me what the hell "post-feminism"is".

So post-feminism is a world where feminism is no longer needed because all sickness of misogyny has been cured.

What would a post-feminist society look like then and how will we know when we get there? For those who think that feminism is only about those educated white lady values like equal pay and reproductive rights, then maybe it is almost a post feminist world.

But it's about so much more than that.

We will know we are in a post-feminist world when rape is not just something to be prosecuted, but is something that doesn't happen. As long as men keep raping women, and children, and other men, we need feminists fighting to change the culture that makes rape acceptable and/or excusable.

We will know we are in a post-feminist world when the gender of your baby doesn't matter to the success of your family to carry on the family name.

We will know we are in a post-feminist world when woman are not financially punished by pregnancy and childcare and when economists no longer need to explain the gender gap by blaming women for doing something that men cannot.

We will know we are in a post-feminist society when we don't have to teach daughters to be afraid of men from childhood. Don't walk alone at night will never have to be said to girls and women as warning again.

We will know we are in a post feminist society when we no longer have to worry about electing the first female president, the first gay president, the first trans president, or the first gay, fat, old, brown transwoman (or transman) president. Because the barriers will have been broken so many times that they are a footnote in history.

We will know we are in a post-feminist society when the only professions where women routinely make more money than men (sex work and modeling) no longer exist.

So what do you think makes a post-feminist society?

Bush's War

I'm really fucking sick and tired of people blaming Hillary for Bush's war.

And I really have a giant crush on Joe Wilson. When Hillary becomes Madam President, I hope she picks him to be the US Ambassador to the UN.

Here, Joe Wilson (who was anti-war Iraq war before most of us even knew a war was coming) smacks the grin off Obama's anti-war stance.

Dear Rules and Bylaws Committee

We are Democrats. We count all the votes, every time.

Disenfranchisement is a Republican tool.

Don't be a Republican tool.

Count the votes already.


RQ (and all the voters in MI and FL)

I just remembered something........

Who was the last president we had that talked about being a Uniter....

Huhmmmmmm?Think Georgie has a unity pony too?

That's it- I'm suing the Obama Campaign For harrasement

Seriously, the trolls have taken over. They were harrassing the fabulous Redstar over at Hillary1000 (Dudez- it's a PRO HILLARY SITE, the only reason you are there is to harass)and our resident stalker is back.

If you peeps could see the sitemeter stats for how long he spends on this site everyday- you'd be freaked. I gotta wonder if he ever takes a break, or works, or leaves his cheetoh covered basement lair, or has friends or sex with anything other than his own hand. It's really fucking creepy.

And Shakes can't even put up a post about sexism directed AT Obama without the trolls coming out. You have reasonable Hillary supporters going "yep sexism is bad" and Obamabots screaming "racism is worse!"

Even if I believed all the Unity propaganda about Obama- his followers make it impossible for me to vote for him. It's like Fundy Christians. Jesus may have been a righteous dude, but his followers are fucking nuts. And I ain't going near that shit.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

American Idol VS Supergirl

The latest awesome video from GeekLove

And GeekLove has this little request:

Here's my latest video, "American Idol Obama vs. Supergirl Clinton" eurl

It is about our "presumptive nominee" and why Clinton is a stronger candidate against John McCain.

I would appreciate your support in publicizing the video on your blog, if you feel it is appropriate. If you do, can I request that you ask your readers go to youtube and RATE, COMMENT, and mark the video as a FAVORITE to help further promote the video.

Thanks for your support.


SYTYCD Open Thread

For those of you who haven't gotten hooked on this show- this was the last try out from last week. This dude is AWESOME. Watch and love my friends

In case you can't tell

Haloscan is being shitty.

Super shitty.

If I were Bulgarian, I would say Haloscan's face is as ugly as salad.

But since I'm in a more Romanian mood I will just say that Haloscan can stick it's hand up my ass and jack off with my shit.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She just wants them full

Food prices are skyrocketing, but us poor food stamp shoppers won't be seeing an increase in benefits until the fall.

Damn summer vacation.

Summers are always hard money wise. I can never be sure if I am going to work (and this year I am pretty sure that I won't even be able to find temp work like I did last year) and I can't count on the Kid getting 2 meals a day at school like I do the rest of the year, so grocery costs go up because I have 10 more meals a week to provide.

It used to be that food stamps got us through almost 3 weeks. And I can cover a week on my meager salary. But with the prices like they are, I'm lucky if they last 2 weeks. And that is during school, when I don't have to think about breakfast and lunch. For the last 6 months or so, the end of the month has been scary. Even our staple poverty food, brown rice, has had the price shoot up drastically.

So when people start bitching about poor people eating crap, I want you all to remember this:

"The level of desperation is just frightening," she said. "People are calling, saying they have no idea what they are going to do."

But even as demand is rising, many food pantries nationwide have been forced to cut back on the amount of food give to individual families because higher fuel costs and commodity prices have sliced into private donations to the pantries.

For now, many of the needy, including many in Kladis' store pushing carts laden with soda pop, bags of cookies and chips — much of it cheaper than healthier food — are doing what they can to stretch their shrinking buying power.

"The bottom line is, a mother trying to feed her kids is not really picky about what she puts in their bellies," said Dan Gibbons, executive director of the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. "She just wants them full."

ETA: Remember kids, the milquetoast Dems could have fixed this problem back when they were deciding on stimulus checks, but they lost their spines on the way to Capitol Hill

Your elected officials are failing you- Again!

So once again the milquetoast Dems that we've elected are taking something that is wanted, hell needed by a huge part of the population and squashing it.

Universal healthcare- "it's too expensive".

All I can say is- wevs dudes. You haven't done your fucking homework.

We are spending 16% of GDP on healthcare now. We will be spending 20% in less than 10 years. Our nearest rival in amount of healthcare spending is Switzerland- at 11% (and Switzerland is one of the late comers to universal healthcare, that's why they are about 3% higher than countries who have had universal healthcare for decades).

Unless we reign in spending on healthcare now, there will be no way to do it in the future. And that means we need politicians to grow the spines we elected them for, stand up to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies and institute universal healthcare now. Not later.

And we need somethings that make well funded politicians quiver in their boots. We need real universal healthcare, with everybody on it. Yes- it must be compulsory. You may not need healthcare now, and you don't want to pay for it. But I can guarantee that at some point in you life, you will have to go to the doctor. It is unfair to everyone else if you get to opt out of the system and then burden it when you're most expensive. Not just unfair- it breaks the system.

The pols are also going to have institute caps on medical costs and make participation in a national system a requirement for practicing medicine. We have seen, with dental programs for the poor, that if you don't require participation then you don't have anyone participate. Perhaps we throw the industry a bone with more student loan forgiveness?

And, maybe the most scary thing, caps on drug costs.

And for the whiners, the "We'll have to wait forever for appointments" people, the "I don;t want the government picking my doctor" people, I suggest you watch this:

The PBS Series- Sick Around the World. It goes through five capitalist democracies and their health care programs. It's worth watching the whole thing to dispel all those myths about the horrors of socialized medicine.

Part 1

Links for the rest

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gay Scientists Isolate the Christian Gene!

The Online Zenana

Some of you may remember that way back, this used to be a different blog, with a different name, and a bunch of boy writers. It was always my blog, my idea, but I shared it with other people because I wasn't entirely sure of my ability to write everyday.

And when I wrote about feminism, one of two things happened. Either it got so quiet in here you could hear the crickets. Or the trolls came out.

None of this was due to the boy writers, really. Deek at the very least is, was and always has been a super feminist ally. But when women speak, they are either ignored or chastised.

So about a year ago, I changed the name of the blog and made the focus way more feminist than before. Wonder is still here sometimes, and Chang'e is an awesome moderatrix. But we are all women.

And I got a bunch of awesome women readers. And once it became clear that this was a safe place for them to speak, the comments went up. And the number of readers went up. I know why. Like I was they are hungry for a place where they can speak without being shouted down for having a vagina. A place where what they think matters and where what matters to them gets discussed. I know cause I was just as hungry. I found Shakesville a few years ago, and Feministe right when Lauren left and Jill, Piny and Zuzu took over. And Pandagon, before it became the pink Obamabot ghetto.

And it's awesome that we have these spaces to go to now. But I worry that we are creating an online version of a zenana. I worry that we are being pushed into women only spaces to shut us up. It's not an accident that the top female bloggers (Arrianna Huffington anyone?) are sexists themselves. They have achieved "legitimacy" by selling out the rest of us. Way to break the glass ceiling, girls!

But how do we keep our safe place while also being part of the bigger discussion?

And I think this is a really important discussion to have right now. We are seeing the left side of the blogosphere split between those that think misogyny is a valid political tool and the tools people that support them, and those who think it is unacceptable. And for those of us who feel it is unacceptable, places that used to be safe for us now are not.

So do we wall ourselves off in a safe zenana, free of boys because so far the majority of them have not been terribly supportive (no, not all- note the some in there) or do we keep exposing ourselves to hate in the hope that minds will be changed before our wounds get too serious?

I go back and forth. At the moment, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has read this blog just over the course of this weekend, I want to bring up the drawbridge and behead anything that looks remotely dangerous before it comes close.

But that doesn't change the outside world.

Barack Obama Shouldn't Care About Brown People

Not that he's ever tried to care, mind you. His supporters want to cattle car off the Latino vote as bad as they want to purge the white working class.

But at least the Blogger Boyz are being blunt in their brown people hate now. Stupid, but blunt.

Hey Dems! Way to write off the fastest growing section of the American populace. Much like McGovern, you know how to pick the winning side, doncha?

Some Memorial Day Links

Wonder's awesome My Flag Decal Turned Upside Down

In The Ghetto- or why poor people are war fodder

Another one for Soopermouse

After we had the LONGEST discussion about Israel in the history of the world. No- seriously longer than any peace talks ever.

Another world is possible.

Misogyny in the Media

What does it take to get three members of the media to agree with each other, including right winger Blanquita Collum?

Just make sure they are all women. And they are all talking about the misogyny of this campaign.

Now in googling around to get more information on Collum, here's an example of what I found:

I hope you don't confuse me with Gloria Allred, that B - I - Etch or Nia Vardalos (throat choking sound) or Blanquita Collum (you know, the right-wing one with the car-wreck face you see on Geraldo).

From the always lovely Arrianna Huffington (sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth typing that)

Then over at Democratic Underground, the comments on this very video included:

Blanquita Clollum, apparent graduate of the Katherine Harris School of Cosmotology
And then this one, bolds by me for future bingo squares

Hillary has played into this sexism fantasy! She has used it against any an all males to get what she wants. Is there male chauvinism pigs out there, you bet there is. She knew this when she ran. Barack Obama is dealing with racism. It's the world we live in. She needs to go away. If she just stop lying, people will give her the benefit of the doubt. She also too DAM calculating! I'm sorry, people don't like her, including women. That's her fault, and not men. She need to stop blaming everyone for her own deficiencies. She has hurt woman causes for years to come. I have no problem having a women as President, just not this one.
But nooooooooooooo, sexism hasn't hurt Hillary in this campaign. It hasn't also hurt Every. Single. Other. Woman. In. The. Country. Whether they support Hillary or not. Whether they are feminists or not. Whether they are Dems or Reps. or something else.

Just not this woman really means just not any woman who might change the status quo. And any woman can change the status quo.

Video via Hillary 1000

Riddle me this peeps

Say you are an unexperienced politician with the audacity to run for president after a mere 3.5 years of national experience.

Say that as part of your campaign strategy you spend of 5 or 6 months straight ignoring all the successes of the only Democratic president to be elected in 28 years.

You also spend a lot of time calling him a racist.

And you spend the rest of your time spurring your misogynistic sycophants towards his wife and your fiercest competition.

How then could you ask the same former president to be your Unity Pony?

What do you think the former president would do, after spitting out his coffee through his nose while laughing at the request?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Night Music

To both lighten the mood and to get myself de-earwormed after OuyangDan posted the Fine Young Cannibals at her place.

It's time for They Might Be Giants! W00t.

When I was pregnant with the monkey, I promised that I would never play those crap kid's music tapes, he could listen to They Might Be Giants instead (a few years later TMBG came out with an album for kids)

Birdhouse in Your Soul (I won tickets to see TMBG at a little club in Atlanta because I shamelessly sang this song on the radio)

Why Does the Sun Shine (The Kid's fav TMBG song set to scenes from Invader Zim- I want a Grrrr)

And last but not least Don't Start- just cause I like it)

On Blog Stalkers

So just about anyone who is listed in either my blog roll or my I am Hillary links has been visited by our resident stalker troll- Matthew. (I've got a ton of new peeps to add to the blogroll, now I am glad that in my laziness I haven't yet)

He has been banned (many many times, he changes IP addys so it doesn't stick, edited, and deleted more times than you can shake a stick at. I warned him that if he continued stalking me I would call the police. I am doing that. I am also filing a complaint with google over copyright infringement as he is using both my name and header image in a derogatory way, contrary to my creative commons license.

But you, my darling friends can do one more thing. Please flag the fake elizabitchez ( blog for me. Then, if you're really nice, you'll delete his comments and ignore him.

And just to brush up- this kind of cyberstalking is a tool of male privilege. I would expect that even my Obama supporting male friends would not condone such behavior.


My feelings on Obama summed up in one perfect sentence

Periodically, when I'm feeling down, the claws come out because a bitter man has decided that I only deserve some control over my own body.

And in the new tradition of Corrente's Obama Golf game: OMG- God and guns, I must of course be making a veiled assassination threat.

But wait- since Obama said it first, where's the outrage that what he was doing was calling for someone to assassinate Hillary?

(BTW- has anyone else noticed that the dimwits who are claiming Hillary was making assassination threats also aren't posting the readily available video of what she actually said? You might notice that whenever possible I include links to the actual quotes. I think Obama's words speak for themselves. But then I have a leg to stand on, the Blogger Boyz and News Bunnies who cried "Assassination threat" do not )