Sunday, May 25, 2008

My feelings on Obama summed up in one perfect sentence

Periodically, when I'm feeling down, the claws come out because a bitter man has decided that I only deserve some control over my own body.

And in the new tradition of Corrente's Obama Golf game: OMG- God and guns, I must of course be making a veiled assassination threat.

But wait- since Obama said it first, where's the outrage that what he was doing was calling for someone to assassinate Hillary?

(BTW- has anyone else noticed that the dimwits who are claiming Hillary was making assassination threats also aren't posting the readily available video of what she actually said? You might notice that whenever possible I include links to the actual quotes. I think Obama's words speak for themselves. But then I have a leg to stand on, the Blogger Boyz and News Bunnies who cried "Assassination threat" do not )

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