Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Talk Amongst Yourselves

So the compy that i have been boring from my so gracious relatives is blue screening. I've reinstalled and reinstalled and reinstalled the evil operating system that shall not be named. Still I am thwarted.

So here I am, on the PUBLIC library computer with a big scary countdown clock telling me I have only 43 minutes remaining of compy time. I cannot write like this.

If I had been able to lug ye olde laptop of doom into the free wifi space - you all would have gotten a bit of writing about the importance of action over ideas and how we will never get meaningful reform of anything without serious threat of revolution. It just never happens without the PTB having the shit scared out of them by the rioting pitchforkers.

But I am not Jack Bowers. I do not do my best work with a fricken clock counting down the minutes to certain destruction.

So enjoy the holidays. Maybe the terrifying god Santa and his vicious Claws will see fit to grant me the ability to install the drivers and applications that are missing on ye old laptop. Maybe Windows will suddenly become sentient and realize that for it to survive it must keep it's hosts (humans) from attacking it's habitat with an axe?


Or maybe I am going to decide that coconut rum and coke slushies (yes- slushies) are the only way to get through anything.