Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's been awhile since I blegged, or blogged for that matter....

So you all know about the pestilence problems I've been having? NO BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ON TUMBLR. IT'S WHERE ALL THE COOL KIDS BLOG DONCHA KNOW. 

Long story short- bed bugs SUCK. My shitty landlord stopped treating the apartment 2 months ago. There was a canine inspection in June that said there were still bugs here, but the landlord didn't do shit. With my August rent I included a letter that said "restart treatment or no more rent money". Today there was another canine inspection, and magically, without any pesticides or heat treatment or ANYTHING being done- POOF- the landlord says no more bugs. The fact that I am covered in bites says otherwise. Also if you could magically get rid of bed bugs with nothing more than depression and unemployment- RAID WOULD BE BOTTLING THE TEARS OF MILLENNIALS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. The thing is- per my lease, the landlord only has to pay for the first infestation. If they get away with saying this infestation is done and over- I AM ON THE HOOK FOR THE FULL COST OF TREATMENT. That is going to run in the $4600 range. Makes me want to go throw my dirty laundry on the landlord's desk and chair and ask "DO YOU REALLY THINK WE'RE BED BUG FREE? REALLY? HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO BET ON IT?"
So where does the blegging come in? Well I started a new job, which means I have no money till I get paid- 2 weeks from now. I don't even know how I am going to get to work next week when I am out of bus fare. But to fight my landlord I have to get an independent canine inspector NOW. I found one. He's awesome. He can do it as soon as I have $170. All he does is inspections, so he's got no dog in the fight. I have to get him in QUICK. No loopy holes for the landlord to say "NOOOO, that must be a whole new infestation". I maybe have a few days, tops. Definitely not 2 weeks.
So if you can spare some change- please drop it in my paypal. Once upon a time I lived a life that didn't involve all my shit being bagged up like an episode of hoarders. I WANT TO GO BACK TO THAT TIME.