Friday, August 26, 2011

Isn't he precious?

Oh look, President Fuck You has declared today as National Women's Equality Day. It would mean so much more if he didn't treat equal rights for us female types as a bargaining chip. Keep the meaningless holiday, I'd rather have non rapey cops, equal pay and sovereignity over my own damn body.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not time to post, but time to bleg

Not for myself this time.

Arthur, patron saint of us disabused, disenchanted and disappeared folks is having a rough time of it. I know how gut-wrenchingly awful it is to have to bleg for a living, and I don't put out damn near the quality of righteous anger and analysis that Arthur does. I've said it before, if the world were just he'd be a national hero. But alas.

If you've got something to spare- send it his way.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a tiny consolation

It took, what, 3 years for the big name left-ish* types to figure out what we've all known about Obama since the primaries. He's the second coming of Hoover. A stand in the face of history, shrug, and potter around with meaningless bullshit type.

We've know this for so long. And trust, I would have been super happy to eat crow had I been wrong. Had Obama shown that he was more than just empty speeches and kleplotcratic, I would be the first person to sign up for phone banking come 2012.

I wanted, and still want, a government that functions by the people, for the people.

But I am not going to see that anytime soon. My Kid is looking at a world where he may be my dependent well into his late 20's because job options and education options for a child of poverty, even a straight, white, male, tab child of poverty, are growing smaller everyday. And the president can't be assed to seriously talk about it.

The one tiny consolation I have is the "told ya so" consolation. It's mildly petty, sure, to be standing in the middle of the street while Rome burns yelling about how we all should have invested in fire fighting programs, but I still want my little bit of credit. This path that the president has led us down seems so shockingly out of character to the johnny-come-latelys of anti-Obama-ism. But for us old hands, TOLD YOU SO. FUCKERS.

So I am more than a wee bit peeved that they are calling it "firebagging" after Fire Dog Lake. If I remember correctly, quite a few people got kicked off that site for cautiously suggesting that Obama might not be the messiah, and now they get the credit for disaffection. Fuck you. Oh, now you want to primary Obama. Tough shit. The only people that primary sitting presidents are unelectable attention grabbers. You voted him in. You gave him legitimacy. The next chance we have of changing that won't come until 2016, or more likely 2020 after a few years under President Bachman-Perry-Paul-Romney. Bad political decisions are very long lasting. You cheerleaders for Hope and Change just fucked over an entire generation. Suck it up, you unthinking douchenoodles.

We have a president who veers to the right of Warren Buffett. Let's all remember that Buffett's ONLY claim to leftisness is that he doesn't believe in inherited wealth. He doesn't actually think the government is all that good at providing services. But he also doesn't like the volatility of a stock market in the grips of rating agency madness over the national debt. Tax the rich to pay the debt, don't hand children billion dollar inheritances. That's Buffet, and that's Obama on his right.

So I am taking my little consolation. I was right. You all were wrong. If I vote at all in 2012, I'm voting for Rosanne Barr. I like her. She's funny. She's feminist. She gave Joss Whedon his first writing gig. She don't give a fuck about what you think of her. And I'd be making a more productive use of my ballot by voting for any joke candidate than by giving it to an asshat only because the other side's asshat is less eloquent in describing just how he/she plans to fuck us all over.

*left-ish. They aren't the bastions of progression they like to claim to be.