Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Monkey is Home!

I know, as far as blog post go I have been lax, lax lax.

And until Fall Quarter starts in late September, you can bet your sweet ass that posting will continue to be lax. I am doing a full time temp gig that will take me right up to the first day of classes if all goes well. I am soooooo happy for the money (I make more temping in 2 days than I make in an entire week working as the unappreciated wal-mart style employee of a public community college) but it is a lifesucking, mind numbing, drain on my creative facilities to have to dress in grown-up clothes and shoes (ouch) everyday and be "professional".

Don't get me wrong, the people that I am temping with are awesome and had me laughing till tears came out the other day. I had to pull a Tammy Faye check and make sure my very grown-up mascara wasn't making a run for the border. I have a fish who lives on my desk that I sing to (any Red Dwarf fans would recognize the "I'm gonna getcha little fishy" song as Cat's favorite way to start a meal) but I do not have enough time to read, and without input my brain can't spit out any of the witty commentary that the few people who read this blog have come to expect. (For those of you searching for Nancy Pelosi's hot breasts or Miss Indiana Wet Panties, you probably weren't going to find what you were looking for anyways).

I will do my best to post occasionally, but much like the relative who has sworn to turn over a new leaf after his 3rd stint in rehab and 4th DUI, don't expect much.

In the mean time, the Monkey, aka the Kid, has returned from his sojourn in the South and has brought me presents of chocolate covered cherries and Memphis style barbque sauce. We be making ribs tonight! I know he was only gone 3 weeks, but I think he got taller. He now wears a larger shoe size than me and is only a few (4 max- 2 or 3 more likely) inches shorter than his dear mom. Oh noes! Soon he'll be too tall for me to noogie him in a futile attempt to create a bald spot (between my mountains of hair and his dad's shaggy, shaggy mane, the Kid could be science's best shot at curing male pattern baldness).

Contemplate that until I can return to my regularly scheduled program of harassing students and reading every damn thing that has ever been posted to the internets.