Friday, February 08, 2008

New Game!

I think it's almost time to lighten the mood around here a wee bit. I still want you boys to come up with my one example from the post below, but when you've become massively frustrated trying to find one, here's a game to pass the time.

I have a lot of musician friends, and musicians are in bands. And bands are always breaking up and reforming. So we spend a mountain of time think up new band names. So much that it has become a party game. But with political season upon us, we've got a more timely game going.

Name the imaginary cabinate post.

For example:

Mike Huchabee, Secratary of: Wifely Submission, Biblical Constitution, Fundie Rednecks

Mitt Romney, Secretary of: Animal Cruelty, Flip Floppery

John Mccain, Secretary of: Toilet Paper (he's spent years wiping off his brown nose, he's an expert).

Have at it and you can include Dems to. Like Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of Selling Out the Poor

I'm back!

With a working computer- IN MY OWN HOUSE! It has been exactly one month since I sat in my chair, feet propped up on my desk and keyboard in my lap typing away. Damn it feels good.

Now I've been thinking that maybe, just maybe I've been too hard on you boys. So I have a proposition. You find me one instance of a main stream male politician or media figure complaining about the sexist tactics used against Hillary. Just one. It can be print, blog, video, a transcript. Whatever. And I'll take back telling you to go fuck yourselves. Just one guy who publically decries the misogyny corps Hillary bashing, and I will be impressed.

Just one. If this is an election that really isn't about sexism, it should be easy to find a male public figure who thinks that Hillary nutcrackers are disgusting. Just one.

Just one. I would love to be proved wrong. I would love to be told that all this hate that is spewed towards women isn't real. I can fix that. But without some people with penises who are willing to publically cry bullshit, we women can't fight sexism by ourselves.

Just one.

If I were voting with my emotions...

I would still be supporting John Edwards. Hearing him talk made me think I was back in church - but in a good way. He's the preacher I wish I was.

And for a while, even though I was bothered by supporting the "white guy" in this particular contest, he was my candidate.

Then I realized he didn't have the chops. All his pretty speeches couldn't cover up the fact that he had no real plan to get us out of the mess we're in.

When it became apparent the voters were aware of this fact, he changed his tune to "electability," and I knew what he was really saying was: "you can't trust the VOTERS to elect the GIRL or the BLACK GUY"

And if the Democrats as a party are going to distinguish themselves from the Republicans, I think TRUSTING THE VOTERS is a damn good place to start.

So I'll work to elect whichever candidate gets the nomination.

I think Hillary Clinton is the the BEST QUALIFIED to be president.

She's been doing this work for decades, since college, years before she met her husband.

She's faced some of the worst slime the right can throw at a person and, not only survived, but come out a winner.

This is a woman who, as First Lady, stood up to the Chinese government on their own turf and said "Women's rights are HUMAN RIGHTS" despite pressure from the world's other remaining superpower to soft-pedal her remarks

She is a brilliant, savvy, negotiator, and one. tough. lady.

Barack Obama is young(ish) and idealistic, and there's something appealing about him, and he's got a lot of people out voting in the primary who maybe wouldn't have come out to vote otherwise.

He's worth some consideration, and I'm more impressed with him than I was initally.

I share his opposition to the Iraq war, but I'm tired of his carping on how he "opposed it from the beginning"   He wasn't in office to vote for or against it, for one thing. And the lecturing threatens to alienate voters who initially, if reluctantly admitted our involvement might be a necessary evil, myself included. Now we ALL know it was just evil.

We KNOW we were wrong. We were LIED TO.
Telling most of a country "I told you so" is not Presidential, it's just snotty.

I think he still has a lot to learn, and the Oval Office is not the best place for on-the-job training.

There's a reason for those age requirements in the Constitution. 
Maturity matters.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear White Male Democrats

Please go fuck yourself.

I'm voting for Hillary. For the first time in the history of this country, there is someone running who understands how much different it is for girls. Some who understands that we spend a whole hell of a lot of time between the ages of 12 and 50 worrying about getting pregnant, being pregnant, having a baby or not having a baby, taking care of our children and all the other stuff we are saddled with for less money and no power.

I totally understand why African Americans would vote for Obama for the same types of reasons. And I don't begrudge them that. Actually- HALEFUCKINLUJA. For the first time in history the presidential election won't be all about the old white men when November comes around, regardless of who wins the primary.

But you white male dems piss me off. You say it's not about gender. You say it's about electability. Of course, you said it was about electability last time. That's why we got Kerry- who lost, btw. And we won't even talk about you big fucking whiners who voted for Nader in 2000. While you were all bitching that there was no difference between dems and reps, those of us with ovaries know exactly what the difference is since it impacts us so much harder than it does you.

Hillary has her flaws. She tends to run towards the center, she's a free trader, she won't admit Iraq was a mistake. But she is also a hell of a fighter. She's been through damn near close to 16 years of national scrutiny, humiliation, slander, and every kind of rank sludge that can be thrown at her has been. She can't win for losing, she's too cold or too emotional. She's too dowdy or she's showing her cleavage. She's a ball breaking bitch who controlled all of her husband's decisions when he was president or she's a whimp who can't keep him in line. If there is another person out there who is capable of taking that much crap and still being elected to dogcatcher- I'd like to see them. We white women are pulling for Hillary cause we are impressed. We go through minor versions of that shit everyday of our lives, but to see someone handle it with such grace and strength in the public eye is awesome.

So back to you boys. I would understand if the white male vote split 50/50 between Obama and Hillary, but your running to Obama just proves how much sexism there still is on the liberal side of the party. The code phrases of electability and likability don't fly anymore. We've bought into that so many times so you could have a candidate you were comfortable with. We women make up the majority of the democratic party. We are the base. We count. And Hillary is plenty electable to us, it's about time you all shut up and do what we have done for years, suck it up and vote for someone who doesn't share the same sex parts as you. It's only fair.

And for someone who says it all way more elegantly than I- GO READ THIS NOW