Saturday, October 29, 2011

We see movies

Michel Petrucciani:
  • He: "Great jazz!"
  • She: "Fucking sociopath."
Ides of March:
  • He:  "I learned you can lose an election and make a million dollars year consulting on K street."
  • She: " I learned you can rape a woman and drive her to suicide and you can just get another one and no man will ever be held to account."

Michel Petrucciani, afflicted with a rare bone disease, was one of jazz' leading pianists until his death at 36. The documentary film of his life portrays clearly how he used and tossed a series of women. Avoid.

The Ides of March is political junky George Clooney's self-indulgent TV-caliber fllm about dirty deeds in a presidential campaign. Virulently misogynistic. Avoid.

Happily, "Chicken with Plums" (Poulet au prunes), the new Marjan Satrapi movie, is coming out. And if "Where do we go now?" (Et maintenant, on va où? ) is playing anywhere near you then move heaven and earth to see it. It's moving, hilarious and has the most satisfying scene of a woman straightening men's shit out ever consigned to film.

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