Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy Everywhere- I really want to love you but you make it SO DAMN HARD

Occupy Sacramento in chaos because dudely types decide NOT to announce a fucking sexual assault at the damn protest.

Look, I keep thinking I am done writing about the new, stupid, sexist shit that could possibly be going on at the Occupy protests. But no.

It's not fucking revolutionary to dismiss sexual assault, practice sexism, ignore women etc. It's the same old same old same old. (It required an extra same old, it's that fucking old).

H/t to Jack Crow. And the reason why we ladies keep y'all around is because we are your mothers and daughters and girlfriends and wives. There is no escaping a world with men in it. How can I hate all men when I am raising one? Or in love with one? But there's a whole fucking mess of them that I wouldn't cry if they fell off a cliff (cough-Julian-Assange-cough-President-Strong-Supporter-of-Women-cough-Harry-Reid-cough-etc-cough).

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