Monday, May 05, 2008

Seattle City Light Forces Me into Gay Marriage

Not so much forces, but you all know my ongoing drama with the power company.

Well after going without power for nearly 2 weeks in January (you all remember hot water bottle babies) Seattle City Light dug up a seven year old bill and attached it to my current bill. It would have been illegal for them to try and collect it in just a few weeks, but since they have attached it to my current bill and told me to pay in 2 days or go (again) without power, they will get their fricken money.

In the meantime, Soopermouse tells me it is illegal to shut off someone's power in England. And that every weekend in May is a 3 day weekend because of bank holidays.

And gay marriage is legal.

So I proposed.

That is the real threat to hetero marriage in this country- Seattle City Light. Now you know.

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