Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm the real uniter

For the second Sunday in a row, through my fabulous cooking and awesome powers of persuasion, I have changed the mind of an Obamabot.

And no- I did not fill them up with my own brand of Unity Koolaid. (Though I could totally make it, I go the skills)

No, I simply used the HopeandChangers own words against him. Once my dear female friend heard about "some control" she was done.

Once a younger, male, arms get tingly when I hear Obama speak, student who came over to watch bad sci fi heard me give direct Pony quotes, he has shocked.

When he said he couldn't vote for Hillary because if he was going to vote for a woman he's vote for a real woman, I kept my growly anger in check and just flat out said- give me a reason that's not loaded in sexism and I'll argue it. She is a real woman. He got it (I did mention he is young- it took him a sec but he got it). And he couldn't give me a non-sexist reason.

I know our caucus (least democratic thing in the world) is over, but come November I've got two new voters.

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