Friday, May 09, 2008

To Matthew The Troll

Dear matthew/ julius/ tiny cock jim:

You are a troll and obviously an attention whore. You were warned yesterday that you are not welcome on my blog. I do not allow biggots or liars or people who are just tediously boring to comment here. You are the trifecta of all those things. You do not add anything of value to the conversation but you do manage to make blogs you troll the All About Tiny Penis Boy show for awhile. Look, you even have a whole blog post dedicated to your tiny cock now. I can only assume you are a masochist who gets
off on public humiliation. Now that you have been exposed i hope that you will have blown your wad (OMG a girl wrote a whole blog about my wee little man nugget) and will kindly leave. And don't forget to take you spooge covered tissues with
you. All future comments from you will either be deleted or replaced with cute kitteh pics.

Sincerely, RQ

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