Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's the little things the Obamabots don't get

Via No Quarter comes this little email from the Obama campaign (bold by No Quarter)

p>From the Charlotte, N.C. Field Director Jason Green:

(Cut for brevity- the whole thing is at No Quarter)

And to do that we need your help. We need more of your blood, your sweat, and your tears. This weekend our Charlotte organization knocked on an incredible number of doors – but there are still many doors to knock, more stories to hear, more voters to inspire. So please join us as we knock on your neighbors doors and bring Senator Obama’s message of hope, unity and change. There is nothing more effective than connecting with another voter and expressing your story. Only you can do that. You know how important this is! I know I don’t have to ask, but I will one last time – please join us tomorrow. Call in sick if you have to and help us all day by canvassing or offering rides to the polls.

Tomorrow we will be canvassing at 9am, 1pm and 4pm (and whenever else you can join us)! There are offices all over Charlotte but our greatest priorities are at 1520 West Blvd and 7935 N. Tryon St. People need to hear your story – hear why you know Barack will make a great president and how his message has touched your life. Join us tomorrow in making history!

Between now and 8pm tomorrow evening, when polls close, we each have to do all in our power to ensure that Barack Obama is victorious. Now is our opportunity to not only change politics, but how Americans view and respect one another. The responsibility is ours.

Jason G. Green

Regional Field Director, Charlotte

1523 Elizabeth Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28204

Okay kids- what is one of the huge, giant differences between the Obamabots and well, just about everyone else?

Can you guess?

It's part of the class divide thing.

The Working Class doesn't get paid sick days. Actually, we are more likely to be fired for getting sick than to be paid of taking time off.

Now in my particular job, I have lots and lots of time off. I only work 36 weeks out of the year. What I don't have (after five long years) are any paid sick or vacation days, eligibility for unemployment (because of how they classify my job) or the health and retirement benefits that nearly all other state employees get. I don't even qualify for the reduced tuition that state employees are supposed to get. All I get is a reduce priced bus pass.

And I work with a whole lot of those creative class (cough) intellectuals. And they get all those things listed above.

How on earth can we expect a campaign that clearly has no idea how "the other half lives" to be of any use to us in the White House?

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