Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WWTSBQ- Backhanded Allies Edition

I keep wanting to like Jeff Fecke, I really do. He really does want to be an ally.

But Jeff has thrown his hat into the "Why won't that stupid bitch quit" already ring.

He couches it in kindler, gentler terms so us dumb girls don't catch that he's really saying "Either take your boobs and go home or play nice. Like a good girl. And stop with the meanness". Or as one commenter at Shakes said "She can stay in the race as long as she's not trying to win it"

Lemme point out a few things.

No other candidate with this many delegates has ever been put under the same kind of pressure to quit.

No other candidate who polls so well in the national election and keeps winning swing states has been under this much pressure to quit.

But she's a girl. And the Precious doesn't want to compete with a girl anymore. He won't debate her anymore. And she is looking at a couple of major wins in the next round of primaries. And Florida and Michigan want their votes counted too. It's just too much for the Precious to endure.

But according to Jeff, if Hillary wants to stay in the race she totally can. As long as she avoids any mention of her opponent. Or his flaws. Or his lack of experience. Or his sexism. Or the fact that the working class doesn't trust him.

Wait- you know what. Hillary has been avoiding that kind of talk. She's talked about policy and issues, how she would solve the serious problems of this country and how she really does care about us "bitter" little people.

We, the people, have talked about his lack of experience, his sexism, the fact that we just don't trust him.

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