Friday, May 09, 2008

My Uterus Will Not Be Held Hostage

So the cry from the Blogger Boyz and their cronies to those of us who refuse to drink the koolaid and bow to the Precious is "What about Roe! What about the Supreme Court!"

Fuck you. Seriously. I don't like it when Rethuglikan boyz try to control my behavior with threats to my bodily autonomy, why on earth would you think it's okay coming from you.

Really it is two halves of the same coin. Don't be a slutty whore or you'll get punished with an unwanted pregnancy on one side and don't be a slutty Hillary voter or you'll get punished with an unwanted Supreme Court on the other.

How's this? It's my mother fucking uterus and I am a grown up woman. I think I know how to best protect it, and you boyz do not. I am sick of and tired of having to vote for shit ass people because of a threat to limit my control of my own body. And quite honestly- so far my voting for the candidate least likely to pack the court with Forced Pregnancy wignutz hasn't done shit. Did the Dems shut down Roberts- no. Did they stop the partial birth abortion ban- no.

So my letting the immediate safety of my uterus dictate my votes hasn't really worked out. And you boyz seem to think that is the ONLY thing feminists care about. Yes- reproductive rights are incredibly important. But they wouldn't even be an issue if we women were considered to be full human beings with all the rights that entails.

So I choose to focus my time and attention on a candidate who understands that women are more than the sum of their genitalia.

In the mean time I'm stocking up on birth control and emergency contraception.

My uterus, not a hostage, not for sale to the lowest bidder.

Get another tactic boyz.

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