Friday, September 04, 2009

This is what a forced-birth society looks like

In Niger, where if I recall correctly the number one risk factor for HIV is being a married woman, because you can be pretty sure that your husband will be sleeping around. Niger has a complete ban on all abortions, and will not sell contraceptives to unmarried people.

In Nicaragua and El Salvador, where abortion is completely banned, even to save the life of the mother.

How about Chile- another forced birther paradise.

These are all places with complete bans on abortion. What about the "liberal" places that allow them to save a woman's life?

Afghanistan, frequently used as an example of why us western feminists should STFU because we don't have it as bad as Afghan women do.

Iraq, Iran, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Syria, also not places known to be good for women.

And then there is Ireland, both the Republic and Northern Ireland ban abortion except to preserve the life of the mother. This is tragic, but fortunately Ireland is part of the EU, and operates like any state in the US where where abortion is difficult to come by. The women who can afford it go to England, and unless you're a 17 year old girl in foster care, the state can't do a damn thing to stop you.

What should be noted is that in all of the above mentioned places (except Ireland) poverty is crushing, honor killings are real, so is forced marriage and child marriage. The lives of women and children are considered expendable. That is not an accident, that is the result of refusing to allow women the full status of human beings.

That is what the forced birthers in this country want for us.

And I say no.

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