Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I take it back- Dan Savage is WAY worse than Cary Tennis

1) Renee is dead right. Savage is more than a twee bit of a racist.

2) Savage pretty much thinks women are ewwwwwwwwwwe grody. Look, I get it, he's gay and girl parts gross him out and he thinks he is being cutesy by describing them as canned hams dropped out of windows. But his description of female anatomy is in the exact same vein as homophobes descriptions of the dirty gay sex. So in his efforts to be satirical, he just comes off using standard misogyny against a group who has no power in order to make himself feel better. Way to go- Dan.

3) The fat hatred just oozes out of him. Thank god he has a son instead of a daughter- she'd be looking at an eating disorder before she was out of diapers.

Savage is also the editor om my town's local alternative-weekly. And they have some damn fine writers on their staff. Charles Muedede, Lindy West, and Erica C. Barnett all make pretty words. But Savages hate for all things not white, attractive and male make reading the rest of the paper a chore. I can't even sift through SLOG anymore without getting bitch slapped by one of Savage's fat hating posts. It's really old, it's really tiresome, and how nice that he's getting a tv show so he can be the bitchiest gay on the tubes.

Though Savage might want to check his exceptionalism. They are only tolerating you cause you say shit they like to hear about the rest of us bad Others. Do you think he'd be as popular with straight white dudes if he wasn't so quick to hate the same things they hate?

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