Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't they know they got the shit end of the stick?

Go read this post on anthropomorphizing and gender.

Are you back yet?

So I've been thinking long and hard about why it is that dude-bros need to turn sex and reproduction into a battle where they win by sticking it in. What could have sparked the original idea, what was making early dude-bros feel so rotten that they turned sex into a contest between the sexes? And why are those same dude-bros sooooo upset now that modern science has given women greater ability to control reproduction.

An ex of mine used to say that he was 100 percent positive that the people who are screamingly anti-abortion are that way because if abortion had been an option for their mothers, they never would have been born. I think he was close-ish. But once you've been born you no longer have to worry about how you got here, it's impractical. I think it's more that they can't stand the idea someone else, someone female, is in charge of deciding if their dna gets passed on. And honestly, if someone said "God says you should submit to me, cook my dinners, wash my socks, give me blow jobs and have my babies" what reasonable woman with any kind of other option would agree? Sure, maybe a woman might have a much regretted one-night stand, or even a brief fling. Even I dated a Republican once. But you don't go having babies with those people if you can avoid it.

And I think it's really telling that those same manly-men forced birthers never go after the men who get women pregnant. I have never, in the thousand and thousands of hours that I have argued this point, seen one single forced birther say that anything should be done about the male half of the pregnancy equation. Not one single suggestion (outside of the occasional "he should marry her and claim his shiny pussy prize!" which is just MORE punishment for the woman with a life of domestic slavery).

And that's because they think the dudes who get women knocked up against their will are the winners. They have a problem hating on dudes who do the thing they want to do.

Of course, this is not all dudes. Even the Kid's deadbeat, domestically violent, crazy stalker of a dad was pro-choice and *seemed* decent enough in the beginning that I had his kid, though one of the first things I asked myself when the stick turned blue is "can you do this parenting thing by yourself, cause you're probably going to?".

But as time and evolution marches on, and women gain ground in financial independence and body autonomy and science means that not every sex act equals child birth and not every child birth means a serious risk of death, and parenting alone no longer means social pariah status, those old school dude bros have fewer and fewer options for procreating. They either have to change their ways to bemore competetive, or fight tooth and nail to keep women desperate enough to choose them.

They have to look at sex as a war. Sad thing is though, no one wants to have a baby with their enemy. So their whole game plan for passing on their dna actually works to their own disadvantage.

But evolution marches on, and dudes with dna that makes them more adaptable, changeable, affable to women's needs will be more likely to have their genes passed on. And dudes without that ability will find their lines dying out.

That is your hopeful thought of the day.

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