Thursday, October 13, 2011

President Fuck You Says He'll Do Right By the Ladies

And veto the Let Women Die Bill

What's this? Could it be that Mr. Strong-Supporter-Of Women's-Rights is actually about to show himself to be a strong supporter of women's rights? Is President Fuck You about to spend some political capital to show us girlies that we are worth more than an nonviable fetus? I may have to take back everything mean I've said about him. I may have to volunteer for the campaign and throw my tiny dollars into the re-election fund.

Oh wait, re-election. A bill that won't pass the Dems in the Senate. No political capital required. Empty words from the douchenoodle who made it illegal for insurance coverage to cover abortion unless you by a special, separate policy. This is just more hopey words from the King of Opportunism who just realized that without women, 60% of the Democratic party stays home, doesn't vote. Doesn't work the phone banks. Doesn't blow up the fucking balloons. Doesn't poor his fucking coffee.

For some of us (who still have a uterus and will either have to get sterilized or buy extra insurance) this is not enough. Too little, too late.

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