Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Need Some Pep in Your Day! Try Bitchery!

Bitchery helps release my tension as I read yet another call for cash from the Major Political Party and it's henchmen. Instead of balling my fists and threatening damage to electronic device (DON'T Kill The Messenger!!!!!!)I sharpen my wit and and send a pithy reply email. For example,

Dear Move On:

Kindly FUCK OFF you asstastic shitstains!

Bitchery is best practiced when faced with a white hot rage, though cold calculated rage is good too. Try it and you'll see, bitchery makes the everyday abomination that is the current state of affairs, well let's be honest. It doesn't make it tolerable, but it does make it, for one tiny second, seem like hitting the sweet spot.

You'll all have to forgive the evening blthering. It's when I take the pills that make me functional during the day. But at night I am dizzy and blurry eyed and thoughts don't turn words don't turn into posts as easily as they used to.

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