Monday, October 10, 2011

I have to stop reading

the We Are the 99 Percent tumblr. It's making me cry. It is breaking my heart.

And while my eyes are all misty, I also notice how often people with miserable circumstances declare how lucky they are that it's not worse. I know I've done that. And I do feel lucky. I have a job, with benefits. Sure, it's going to cost almost half my income to use those benefits, but I have them. I have a home. I haven't had a home for a long time, so this feels pretty damn lucky to me.

But I've noticed that you never ever hear the 1% talk about luck, though lucky they most certainly are. Lucky they got pushed out of the right woman, married to the right man, who was pushed out of the right woman, ad nauseum. Lucky they had family money or family connections. Lucky lucky lucky. But that word will never cross their lips. Their tongues are incapable of acknowledging what is so blatant to the rest of us. The didn't get where they are alone, they got their luck from our backs, from our labor, from our pockets. Lucky lucky lucky.

I should end this before I go off on a violent tear about eating the rich. But they should be devoured by the ravenous masses. We are the ravenous masses. Get a fork.

(Note to self- pick one image per post and roll with it. But since I missed out on that this time, Get a Lucky Fork. )

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