Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This one, THAT one, wev

Big news! McCain is a doochebag.

Okay, not big news. Not even news. We all knew that.

What is news to me is how Obama has suddenly seen the light (or heard some of the phone calls begging congresscritters not to pass the bailout) and NOW he's all for regulation.

Now, seriously, just like in the last week he's decided that Republicans have got that whole deregulation thing ass backwards. Was a time not so long ago when Obama was pretty cozy with deregulation and Republican trickle down theory.

And I really don't know how to take this. Has someone with a giant economic brain smacked Obama in the head and said "stop endorsing criminal thievery you moron!" Did he really need to wait for the collapse of the world wide economic system (Sorry Iceland!) to see that Republicans don't know shit about economics except how to steal money and influence the Treasury. Cause you all know we are Democrats, right? We've always had the better economic ideas (see Clinton- 1992 to 2000 if you need proof, though praise for Bill Clinton's economic mastery will NEVER pass through the lips of the Precious)

There is NOTHING we can do about the upcoming election. Either way an asshole is going to be in the White House come January. But I am really tired of the Hopey Changey types thinking that Obama is gonna smooth over the nasty economy with one signature from his rainbow colored glitter pen.

My only consolation is that I feel a mighty bout of schadenfreude coming up. Mighty.

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