Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hey, the economy sucks worse if you're a girl!

Hard, like a fist to the face.

It's not just your .75 cents on the dollar, now it's no cents at all for you ladies.

Mass layoff events hit a record high in August. On Sept. 23, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 1,777 firms laying off 50 or more workers. The three job categories most seriously affected were temporary service workers, school and employee bus drivers, and professional association workers. These three occupations employ far more women than they do men. Unfortunately for women, the usual policy response to rising unemployment won’t help them much because this spending does not create jobs in the sectors where women work.

But don't tell Dana Perino that. She thinks we all just need to stop sucking on the government teat that is Unemployment insurance and GET A JOB!

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