Friday, October 10, 2008

How bloggers waste time

Me: We could have something that rymes with wodka

ouyang: i love something that rhymes w/ wodka!

me: pear collins rhymes with wodka

ouyang: O...M...G

me: Becky look at her but

ouyang: did you see the vid on shakes about the woman who is all upset that they didn't retouch a photo of Gov Palin!

me: I didn;t watch but i read it
stupid burns

ouyang: "i want to open an orphanage for unwaned facial hair"

me: I loved that

ouyang: i know
for fuck's sake...if it is disgraceful to not retouch someone as conventionally beautiful as Sarah Palin, then most of the rest of the public should just stick our heads in the oven now

me: Oh I'm just waiting for the gas to be reconnected so i can stick my head in the oven. What;s your excuse for continuing to live while not looking like a magazine cover

ouyang: electric oven
me: Ah
I see

ouyang: and i just made myself cry right thre
laughing too hare to type

me: Can't you drop a toaster in the bathtub or something

ouyang: i'll try...but my toaster is actually part of my microwave, which is too big to go carrying around
lemme see...OOOH! We have an iron!
if i'm not back in five minutes I have done justice for Sarah Palin!

me: dear gawd- what kind of freakish contraption has a toaster microwave combo

ouyang: you should blog this

me: I tottally am
typos and all

ouyang: I got it at the Naval exchange in monterey

me: you were trading belly buttons?

ouyang: yes, as a matter of fact i was
i am the proud new owner of an inny and a toaster microwave combo

me: how many belly buttons did that contraption cost ya

ouyang: i am too embarrassed to say, in this economy

me: You were spending belly buttons like an AIG executive, weren;t ya?

ouyang: shamefully it's true
i did enter a twelve step program, but then we got that belly button relief fund from the government...
so no worries

me: kewl

ouyang: and no, you can not borrow fifty belly buttons from me.

me: I hate to think of you walking around without a belly button to your namew

ouyang: i totally love you

me: I love you too

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