Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Joys of Urban Living

Everytime I'm on the phone with my Aunt, some crazy always starts screaming in the background and she tries to convince me that the city is dangerous and I should move out to the boondocks.

But I'm urban, at the very least the crazies can sometimes be entertaining- like today.

Imagine Donald Duck's voice trapped in the body of middle aged black man. Then imagine that man is possessed by the devil. In between screaming in what can only be ancient Aramaic, he's hitting up everyone in 100 yard radius of the bus stop for "a quarter, a cigarette?" Then he goes back to screaming. He keeps getting closer and closer to me and an old woman who has decided that since I'm taller, she's going to hide from him behind me. Finally the bus shows up.

The crazy man gets on the bus despite having no money for the fair, but his voice is so freaky that the bus driver just lets him go. The man sits at the front of the bus and manages to clear out all of the seats on both sides of the bus near him with his continued crazy rantings. He picks up the sports section of a newspaper someone left behind and in the demonic Donald Duck voice reads the paper out loud for the entire bus to here. When he is done with the sports section, he starts singing in the demonic voice. Eventually he gets off and one of those rare moments happens when a group of random strangers breathes a sigh of relief and starts cracking jokes with each other.

So thank you demon duck man, you may have terrified old ladies but you made a bus full of people smile for a minute.

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