Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to be obscure without being obscure

So I have had this crush on this person for ever, but for professional reasons I have never acted on them.

So a few days ago this person gave me something that I thought was for a project. I worked on it for a bit and then found I that they just gave it to me for whatever reasons.

Anyways, I went to a Halloween party tonight with the Naughty Proff (who also used to work in crush's profession) and while he and I and our friend Julie were all curled up in a cuddly ball- I asked them about this.

The consensus was:

As my friends "He totally wants to jump your bones"

As professionals "Not really a professional move on his part- but still...."

Maybe I just need a little bit of a distraction from all the work I'm doing right now, but it's nice to have these little silly crushy moments sometimes. And it's way more fulfilling than having naughty dreams about threesomes with Stephen Colbert and John Stewart.

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