Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inappropriate Conversations with Children- for when you can't be ass to write a real post

Me:Did you take your medicine?


Me: All the doses at all the times

Kid: (making growling teenage face) Yes mother

Me: Cause if you don't take it all you could get an infection and then DIE

Kid: Yes mother

Me: And then I would have to kill myself so I can follow you into the afterlife and nag at you "See what happens when you don't take drugs!!!!" (FYI, the afterlife has extra punctuation to spare. So I used a could extra exclamation points).

Kid: changing the subject, put on sweet voice "Would you like me to get you some soda?"

Me: Yes please (makes shift eyes around the room. Where is his bottle of antibiotics? hmmmmmmmmmm)

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